Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Colour inspiration

I love colour, everywhere I look I see the most beautiful colours and patterns. Once you pay attention to even the smallest colour scenes that surround you, you will discover a whole new world. A world in which every colour combination is possible and what will become an everlasting source of inspiration.This morning I had a mango and juice for breakfast. The colour of the juice is magnificent deep and warm yellow. In our daily lives we see a lot of colours during the day, but somehow we don't really notice them anymore. That juice this morning really opened my eyes again to the beauty of it all :)
When you look at the colours of this mango you will see an intriguing mix of deep orange, yellow, pink and green. I like this palette; warm orange together with soft pink. The green coloured stalk spices it all up a bit......lovely :)
Loose layers of paint on old sculptures or wood also make an inspiring scene. Above an extraordinary combination of yellow, pale blue and salmon with a bright orange background. Very beautiful also is the texture which makes the colours look powdery.
If I want new ideas I just take my jewellery and some samples of casement cloth. I can enjoy myself for hours just to looking at the different combinations and textures.
Ethnic jewellery is very appealing to me because it often has very expressive colours and shapes. I have a little collection of necklaces and braces and they keep inspiring me. I made a collage with some of my jewels. The combination of coral red beads and turquoise is one of my favourites. I collect a lot of stuff; wooden carved boxes, stones and branches, ethnic jewellery and all kinds of accessories. My mother always says that I actually collect collections. She may be right about that ;)
Besides jewellery I have also collected some small Indian purses. They have great colours and wonderful details like buttons, beads and little mirrors.If you attach different purses or jewels on a board which you covered with casement cloth you have an inspiring and colourful wall decoration!
So far this colourful entry for today. I hope the colours gave you some inspiration. If you have your own collection which inspires you feel free let me know :)


Vinita said...!!! a great post. I love colors too but I am so afraid of them. You might find this very strange but every time when I have to make a choice I always stick to neutrals because I am (like many others) just afraid of making a mistake.

Once I tried painting a room. I wanted it to look light grey. The shade card also showed the exact shade I had in mind. But when I did paint the whole room with it, it looked more like baby blue than grey. I was so disappointed.

I love fall colors and now I would like to take that big plunge and paint my living room atleast one wall burnt orange or dark terracotta.

GOD give me strength.

My decorating style is Zen. I love japanese culture and am very drawn towards it. It gives me serenity and calmness. May be as you suggested I should put together a mood board, see how it looks on paper and then do the actual decoration.

Love your photograph of mango juice droplets in the kitchen sink:))


Sas said...

Vinita thank you for your open comment :)

Almost every one of us has had a colour nightmare once. A colour can be so different on a wall, especially when the daylight starts to work. And on an entire wall it looks often completely different then on the tiny shade card.

If you have a photo of your room with the wall you want to paint you can email it to me. I have a professional colour program that enables it to change colour palettes. I can make your wall burnt orange and/or terracotta. This way you will get a realistic colour presentation.

Next week I do a topic about making a moodboard (in Zen style), maybe you will get some new ideas or inspiration from it :)


vineeta said...

Super colourful post! I REALLY loved your pics! your sense of colour and compostion are, needless to say, amazing. Like vinita I loved the sink pic. great idea :)

Sas said...

Thank you! Strange actually, I look at that sink every morning for years and this is the first time ever I took picture of it :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, Truly lovely collection!