Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday

It is already late here and I still wanted to write my blog to share this wonderful day with you. Today was the first real warm and sunny day in months :) It made me feel like it was already summer hihi. I spent the whole time reading in my garden while I heard little shrew-mice poking around in the bushes. I really love tapas on a day like this. Stuffed olives, grilled artichokes, bread with garlic sauce and filled peppers; heaven on earth :)) A glass of chilled white wine during this sunny afternoon makes me feel like I am on a vacation far away. How different it feels comparing to the weather a week ago. There are already flies and little insects, the sunbeams have strength and suddenly I see new life sprouting out of every tree :)Yes it really was a wonderful lazy Sun-day. Just one more glass of wine and I will go to bed hopefully to dream about the summer :)


vk said...

Hi Sas,

Thanks for sharing. It has been so long since I had a lazy Sunday. I miss it so much.

And, to think it is nearly spring there, while we are still having winter chills in India :).

Your food table seems yummy :).

Enjoyed reading this.


Vinita said...

yummy lunch. Light and healthy.


hildA said...

Same weather here Sas, and it almost feels like summer, SO nice. This really charges our inner batteries, doesn't it?
Now I'm getting hungry, your tapas look so delicious.

Sas said...

Hello vani,
nice to hear you liked the post :)

I hope spring will be early this year so you can have a lazy Sunday soon :))


Sas said...

Thank you Vinita :)

I just love this kind of food, especially when the sun is shining :))


Sas said...

Hello Hilda,

You are absolutely right about the sun's recharging capacity. After an hour in her sunbeams I feel calm and relaxed :)

I wish you a lot of sun this week :))


Peggy said...

Sas, it was freezing here Sunday! I enjoy visiting your blog so much. I love the warmth of your photography, and the way you romance everything. Thank you for sharing your life with us. And thank you for giving me reason to pause.

Sas said...

Dear Peggy; thank you for your warm comment it has inspired me :))