Monday, February 18, 2008

Today is; orange/green

Today's colours are orange and green; a beautiful combination. The warmth of orange combined with the freshness of green; spring feels near....... :))Deep warm orange combines well with green. A simple tray and a table-cloth are the perfect basic items to create a colour still life. I have them in different colours and shapes and they have become my favourite decorating tools :)Other ideal items for a quick and cheap new still life are candles. Now a day you can buy the most beautiful standing candles in all the colours of the rainbow. Here I combined them with a replica of a pre-Colombian sculpture and orange coloured pillows.For the green I added a palm plant and an orchid. It is wonderful to see how the green underlines the yellow and orange tones and adds freshness to the arrangement :)This colour palette is very warm and sunny. It makes me feel like spring and even summer are near. Amazing how colours are influencing our moods. What also influences my mood and the atmospheres in my house are precious stones.I love to have them around, especially orange calcite. I get relaxed due to its warm energy. Besides that the decorator in me is drawn to it because of the beautiful colour hihi :))So far today's entry about the colour palette orange/green. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have a colour request for this item just let me know :))


Anonymous said...

Sas I have been visiting your blog for a couple of weeks now. You are amazing on many levels -- your appreciation of/and eye for detail and colour, your absolutey exquisite taste, and your ability to articulate in such a way that I find the synthesis intoxicating.

I would love to visit with you in your home and garden, to share a cup of tea and bask in the sun's rays. Oh, and also to liberate you of the little sculpture featured in your post today. I'm very taken with him!

Be well!


Sas said...

Thank you Debra for your warm and lovely comment on my blog :))

I am happy that you respond to the little pre-Colombian sculpture because I am very fond of my tiny collection of these replicas. I will make a post about them soon so you can see the others too ;)

You are more then welcome in my home although it is much smaller then you'd expect from the pictures hihi :))

I wish you well too Debra,


hildA said...

a touch of spring indeed Sas, realy looking forward to that. lovely post.

vk said...

Dear Sas,
How very sweet of you to do this so soon. What a lovely post!

Such simple yet wonderful ideas and decorating tools ...I am amazed at your talent(s). Ditto Debra.... :).

Now that I can have the Sun and nature in my room, I am convinced I need to redo my decor. Got to do that in the coming weeks. Hope it looks as beautiful as yours :) ...tough job for me!

Would love to know about your pre-Colombian sculpture collection ...looks so lovely.

Thanks so so so much again. Hope you have a wonderful day ...


Cemaya said...

My favorite colors! Just beautiful. I am jealous of your photography skills. How about lavender and gray? :) Thank you for sharing.

Sas said...

Welcome Cemaya :)

Nice to see you here and thank you for the feedback. Lavender and grey are added to my request list :))

By the way, you have a beautiful blog, very inspiring!


Sas said...

Thank you dear Vani, I am so glad you liked it :)

Good luck with your decorating plans and if you have any questions just let me know.

I'll be happy to help you out :))

Lovely day to you too,


Sas said...

Thank you HildA :)

I hope you will have an early spring this year :))


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the orange/green combination. Orange is one of my fav colors and the way you have combined objects to create warmth is just fabulous! I dream of sunny spring/summer every time I visit your blog. You are truly gifted! Pls continue to feast my eyes with your blog and phenomenal pics!

Sas said...

Thank you for the warm compliment, it is nice to hear you like my blog :))

As a fellow orange lover I will add more posts with this colour hihi