Saturday, March 8, 2008

Colour inspiration 2

This weekend I wanted to share some colour combinations with you. I get inspired by daily life colour scenes... hopefully they will inspire you too :))

The warm brown combinations are my alltime favourites. They always add warmth and something cosy to a room. They are ideal basic colours to combine with more vivid colours like bright red and yellow.

The combination of yellow and green to me is the ultimate fresh palette. It feels bright and vivid and gives energy. No wonder most people (including myself) call it the colours of spring.Pink and red is the warm exotic colour combination. These colours remind me of the stories of thousand and one night and always add something mystical to an interior. On the other hand reds are very activating colours and they should therefore be used with caution. White and light blue is a cool and balancing colour combination. Always fresh and ideal for a home with little space and light. They create a fresh and clean colour scene.Different orange tones (my personal favourites) add warmth to an interior. They adjust to light and are always very warm and cosy. Even in countries with lots of rain :))
The most important part of choosing your colour palette for your home is to consider what kind of personality you have. Are you a very vivid and constantly busy character, you could consider a balancing cool colour palette. Are you in need of warmth for your home, then the orange and brown combinations are suitable. And above that everyone changes during their lives; and so does your colour palette :)


rkramadh said...

Sas, I loved all the warm colors as well as the cool white/blue tones. I for one am definitely in love with your warm orange/brown tones. It's true that different colors seem to appeal to us on different days depending on our energy level or moods. Now, if only we found a way to switch our homes from one color palette to the other with the flick of a switch..that would be an invention perfect for me! (apart from mood changing lighting that I have seen on TV!).

Elisa Day said...

Wonderful post! I love the colours and you pictures!

Sas said...

Dear Rupa,

That invention would be perfect for me too. Although I love to create it myself; a much bigger house would be a great solution hihi :)

Who knows some day.... :))

Thank you for the nice comment,


Sas said...

Thank you Elisa for the lovely comment,
so nice to hear you liked it :))

Take care,


vk said...

Lovely post Sas. Very enjoyable and informative. I loved your simple yet creative presentation. The yellow green and orange tones are my fav :))


Sas said...

Mine's too dear Vani :)

But you already know that by now I guess hihi

Thank you and take care :))