Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thoughts over tea...

Today is a very rainy and dark day, but for a Sunday very cosy too. The perfect wetter to stay inside in my old pyjamas and with hot tea. I am in the mood for lemon tea and browsing through decorating magazines. I have bought some Turkish delight yesterday at my favourite Turkish supermarket and that is just what I need. Something sweet to match my lemon tea hmmm.....I just love the book series from Taschen with the most beautiful decorated houses from all over the world. On this dark day I dream away with colourful pictures of interiors in Morocco style.Everything got smudged with powdered sugar within five minutes! How do you eat this?! My dog Pork ate a dropped Turkish delight and I haven't heard from him for over half an hour. Now I have to "save" him by scraping it of his teeth hihi.Well this isn't exactly a scene from 1000 and one night hihi. Little old Pork still struggling with the remains of the Turkish delight and me feeling a bit sick wondering why I ate eight of them instead of three...?!But it is a lovely day after all. Pork and I warm on the couch with tea, candy and books. While we cuddle up against each other I can hear the wind blowing outside. It makes me feel warm and save :)Have yourself a warm and cosy Sunday evening and be careful with the Turkish delight ;)


vk said...

Enjoyed reading this Sas. I could almost picture you all warm and cosy :). I love the rain...Here the weather is suddenly hot...we progressed straight from winter to summer :)) no time for spring :(

Those Turkish delights look yummy. I am hungry now :). I am going to disappear into my kitchen to hunt some goodies :)

By the way! lovely shots, liked the merged shot best :)..
Take care and sleep well.

Sas said...

Haha dear Vani, enjoy your goodies :)

Thanks for the lovely feedback and I hope you will sleep well and have a touch of spring tomorrow.

Take care :))


shelley said...

I also find a lot of inspiration from this Morocco Style book I have - mine is falling apart it gets used so much. My favourite pics are of the pink embroidered shoes with the toes and the goats in the trees! - Have a great day…

Sas said...

Mine is falling apart too Shelley :) All the pages are loose hihi

I just love the picture of the goats in the tree, so funny :)

Thanks for sharing and I hope you will have a lovely day :))


rkramadh said...

I love all things Moroccan too, this is a delightful post. My fav pic is the powdery sugar falling on your book...must have been one sweet treat!

Sas said...

It was very sweet indeed Rupa and everything was smudged with powdered sugar :)

I really have eaten too much Turkish delight hihi :))