Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Let us open our leaves like a flower,
and be passive and receptive.

John Keats

To me nothing is more easy and lovely for a simple still life than a small vase on a coloured plate with one or two flowers. Choose a plate in the colours of the flowers and add a contrasting vase and you will get a lovely composition.

These round vases are ideal for simple still life decorations because they underline the shape and the colour of the flowers. Above that you can use just one or two beautiful flowers for a composition. When I go to the florist I never buy a bouquet but always a few beauties for my little vases :))

This is my mother's favourite; Fritillary. A fragile but incredible lovely flower. With a beautiful pattern on the petals and powdery colours. Just one or two in a small simple vase is enough for me. Here I have added sea shells and a plate with powdery colours and texture.

Beautiful little thing don't you think? Flowers keep amazing me with their appearance. Tomorrow there will be market again and I hope to discover some new beauties to share with you. Take care and I hope you will see a lot of flowers today :))


vk said...

Lovely quote, Sas. Thanks for sharing your ideas in this post. I went crazy trying to take "Sas-like" photos of some orchids I got my hands on...(don't know if you saw them on flickr--none to my satisfaction..but I posted one) ... You make it sound so simple...but in reality it was a little frustrating as I don't have the natural eye. Nice to get some more fresh ideas...will try again. Beautiful shots and lovely flowers...
Have a lovely evening.

rkramadh said...

Dear Sas, these are gorgeous!!! You make it sound so easy but you have a special eye and talent! Whenever I feel a bit down, all I have to do is login to your blog and it's uplifting!!!! My fav pic is 3rd one - the plate, shells and flower are so perfectly composed!I love the colors of this post, I did recognize the plate from your Orchids post :).

Sas said...

Dear Vani,

The last week I am also in the mood to take pictures of flowers :)
Nice to hear you are busy with them too hihi

I saw your pics on Flickr and I love them, also your pictures of a rose and Hibiscus are just so beautiful.

Take care and let's share much more flower beauty :))


Sas said...

Dear Rupa,

Nice to hear that you liked the post :)

My stuf travels around the house all the time and the more often you visit my blog the more regular items you will recognize hihi

Thank you for your lovely compliment and take care,