Sunday, May 18, 2008

Inspiration Stories

Two Raindrops by Joseph Morris

Two little raindrops were born in a shower,
And one was so pompously proud of his power,
He got in his head an extravagant notion,
He'd hustle right off and swallow the ocean.A blade of grass that grew by the brook
Called for a drink, but no notice he took
Of such trifling things.
He must hurry to be
Not a mere raindrop, but the whole sea.

A stranded ship needed water to float,
But he could not bother to help a boat.
He leaped in the sea with a puff and a blare--
And nobody even knew he was there!

But the other drop as along it went
Found the work to do for which it was sent:
It refreshed the lily that drooped its head,
And bathed the grass that was almost dead.

It got under the ships and helped them along,
And all the while sang a cheerful song.
It worked every step of the way it went,
Bringing joy to others, to itself content.

At last it came to its journey's end,
And welcomed the sea as an old-time friend.
"An ocean," it said, "there could not be
Except for the millions of drops like me."


vk said...

This is so beautiful Sas. thanks for sharing. The shots are awesome too. Have a lovely evening and a great week.

rkramadh said...

Sas, I love the amber colors in your awesome shots. Such a simple cute story yet the meaning is profound! Thanks for sharing.

vineeta said...

What poetry- every picture was a poem. You are a phenomenal photographer. I loved thecolours the sharp highlights the muted backgrounds. Brilliant. You are SUCH an artist!

Sas said...

Dear Vani, Rupa and Vineeta,

So nice to hear you like this new post.

Since my new job I have less time to spend on my blog and Flickr.

But I really want to keep on sharing my pictures with you, so I thought this would be a nice solution to keep sharing;
just my pictures with some lines to underline them :)

Take care my friends and thank you,

with love, Sas