Friday, May 23, 2008

Moments of silence


My heart longs to be dissolved
In wings of air
And fly in the unhorizoned sky.
I long to open up
All my heart doors
In the delight of my liberation - life.

May my life begin
With the breath of a new hope


vk said...

Beautiful post..Sas,,,so close to my thoughts...
Thanks for sharing..those shots are favourite colours too. hugs.Vani

Purnima said...

I just adore your photos .. You should put up an exhibition of ur photos..

Elisa Day said...

Lovely post! One of my favorite flowers is poppies, so I just love your pictures

Sas said...

Thank you dear Vani, Purnima and Elisa for the lovely feedback :)

So nice to hear you like my pictures....there is a piece of my soul in them.... :)

Big hugs to you and take care.

with love, Sas

rkramadh said...

Sas, beautiful pics and words! Your first poppy pic I think? Love the colors...