Thursday, May 1, 2008


Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.

Lao Tzu

This quote is quite confronting to me, because when I am real honest my mind often tells me that there is something lacking. It gives me a feeling of stress, like there is something I have to do or get somehow to make me feel at peace and satisfied.

While in fact the true lack is inside of me......there is something deep inside which wants to be fulfilled, wants to be satisfied and entertained. Which gives me a thrill when I buy something new and makes me watch the TV all evening to entertain me and distract my mind from thinking.

But lately there has been a change....every time when my mind is giving me stressful thoughts again I just sit down with a cup of tea and reflect on the situation. Why am I feeling the urge to do or want something....what is the real reason?!

I found out that I was giving myself different tasks to feel satisfied. Sometimes I would plan a whole day in advance. But the happiness after fulfilling them always lasted for a short while. Very soon a new need came up and I could start all over again.

Now I try to focus on where the need is coming from instead of fulfilling it right away. And the more I practise it the more I see that I am actually in need of nothing.....

At the center of your being you have the answer;
you know who you are and you know what you want.

Lao Tzu


Sindi said...

I'm speechless at this post...really touching one.I always believe that there is only one mystery existing in each one of us and it is right in our heart.We have to slow down to see it,but we can never stop.It's all about taking real control of ourselves, right?I'm not sure if I'm making any sense by your inspiration...but anyway I love this post so much and I begin to read some work of Lao Tzu too.

Take care and have a nice day!

p.s.The coins looks so familiar to me since I've got a lot of them in my home,hehe~~love the waters and shades...really peaceful them all!!!

vk said...

The want itself is a delusion .....I feel that wanting love, a spouse, a home, a child are all ways to keep ourselves occupied in this journey of life which is beyond our comprehension. Wanting is a very human feeling but to take it to the point of stress is not good. The "why you want it" question is tough...Good luck with that. The only thing that you need to attain is a peace within yourself...and possibly understand that everything is transient....and just be. Hope I made some sense...:))
Beautiful quotes...lovely shots usual and a very honest post. Thanks for sharing this Sas...:))

rkramadh said...

Sas, this is just brilliant. The first picture looks like there is a tropical sunset taking place right in your home! It's exotic! You sharing these dilemmas and soul searching makes us all feel so comfortable to do the same. It's so reassuring to know that it's normal and that there are others who face the same. You certainly give me a feast for eyes and food for thought daily!

Sas said...

Dear Sindi,

You are absolutely making sense to me. To me it really feels like taking control over myself instead of my complex mind being in control.

This way I can follow my heart and add more harmony to my life and reduce the stress.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and a lovely day to you too my friend :))

with love, Sas

Sas said...

Dear Vani,

Thank you for sharing your insight on this matter.

To me personally wanting things in life is completely normal human behaviour. It helps us to grow and to learn our lessons... Because in 'wanting' there is always stress because we are trying to enforce something. Instead of letting it cross our paths.

So lovely how talking and writing about a matter like this can work so relieving :))

Anyway have a lovely evening and thanks for sharing,

with love, Sas

Sas said...

Dear Rupa,

Thank you for your lovely comment.
I agree with you completely; by sharing our journey we help ourselfes and others.

It is easy to share what we already have accomplished but to share the struggle that lead us to that insight is more difficult.

But to me that is exactly what I would love to do with this blog. There is so much I am learning on a daily basis and so much more that I still have to learn :)

Sharing this with you all shows to me how connected we all are and how we can support eachother by sharing our different journeys.

And those journeys are not always easy and bright. Sometimes we have to suffer first before we get an insight. At least I know I have to hihi

Big hug to you Rupa for this open respond :))

with love, Sas

Vinita said...

As always great post and beautiful pictures.

The other day I read this outside a church.. A rich man is not the one who has everything but one who wants nothing.


Sas said...

Really beautiful Vinita :)

Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend my friend :))

with love, Sas

vineeta said...

The journey inward is always rewarding though tough. I can see you making it & taking us along. One post at a time. I dont know if have said this before. Your openness and courage in doing so is inspirational. Thanx so much for your work.

Shireena said...

Hi Sas,
This one really inspires me today. I'm mourning a substantial loss in my life right now. I'm a therapist and always telling my clients (when they plead for advice) that the answer lives within them and I'm there to help them discover it on their own. But I should really practice what I preach sometimes. And even another level of power is to simply experience and feel the NOW without trying to resist it.
Take care,