Monday, June 16, 2008


The Great Way has no gate;
there are a thousand paths to it.

If you pass through the barrier,
you walk the universe alone.

- Wu-Men


a home far away said...

HI! I just found your blog, I am so happy I did!

I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, where i mix the asian style with my swedish interiors- You are welcome to visit:-)


Sas said...

Thank you for your nice comment dear Gunilla,

I have visited your blog and it is truly lovely :)

with love, Sas

vk said...

Hi Sas! trying to catch up on your blog posts as I was away for a few days... lovely quotes and pics...

Sas said...

Hello dear Vani nice to have you back :)))

Hope you have had a wonderful time and take care,

with love, Sas