Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Decorating with coins

As a child I loved foreign coins. I didn't quite understand the value of money yet and I just looked at the shapes and colours. I also had a collection of glass stones that came from broken car windows and they were my diamonds. Together they formed a treasure which I hided at a secret place in the garden. Now a days I still love coins and I use them to decorate my house :))This is one of my favourite necklaces. I don't wear that much jewellery anymore these days so it has become a wall decoration now. I like the little used coins and how they tinkle when they move. Here I have used them to decorate some cabinet handles. The coins originally came from a belt which was broken. I love their colour and the hole in the centre, it matches the old wood perfectly.In my kitchen they are glued to painted cupboard buttons. They make even the cheapest handles look special. When I sit at my table and watch those little beautiful detailed buttons I still get that treasure feeling again I had as a child. The difference is that I don't hide it anymore :))


Vinita said...

Great Idea sas...of using old coins as drawer pulls. Now you see your wealth everywhere.

I guess chinese people also use a lot of coins to bring abundance to their daily lives. They use it on wind chimes too and always in odd numbers..5 being the luckiest.

Really a cute post. I really like the way you look at things. You must be a decorator at heart.

And I agree with Vineeta. We would have missed out on such a wonderful blogger and a great decorator if you had not commented on flickr. I don't go to flickr at all because its so huge I don't even know where to begin. Very confusing.


Anonymous said...

Great post SAS!

I really loved the idea, very creative use of coins :)

Awesome...Keep pouring in such ideas, in true sense interior inspiration ;)

Loved ya

Sas said...

Hello Vinita, so nice you liked it!

I had the seem feeling about Flickr at first. But I started one day with three pictures on my own free account. Then I clicked on some pictures I liked, I looked at the contacts these people had and clicked on their sites. This way I discovered new people and added them as a contact.

Thanks to Flickr I have met Vineeta and a lot of other nice and talented people:)

Just give it try again some day, it is fun :))


Sas said...

Hello Kanchan,
thanks for the warm comment :)

It makes me happy to share this ideas with you :))