Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Book shelves

I have received a request from Sonia from the United Kingdom about the book shelves I showed in my post 'Upstairs' . She wondered if I could show some photo's of them. Well Sonia here they are, I have made some especially for you :)This bookcase is made of three cabinets on a row. They are very practical because they are not heavy so you can easily move them around. They have drawers for small stuff and the rear side is open, so you can beautifully display things in them. I bought them some years ago and at first I used them in the living room. Now they form my tiny red library. Here are some details for you Sonia. Each cabinet has four drawers and beautiful wood carving on the side. When I have a bigger house some day I will put them in my living room again because they were my favourite display items. No matter what I placed in the cabinets it looked special right away :)I must admit that I loved it today to unpack the bookcase and to create a new display. I could shamelessly play around all afternoon unpacking and restyling it. Thanks to Sonia's request I could fool myself with the thought I did it for her this time hihihi :))


vinita said...

Cute cute cute and truly adorable. Not just the bookshelves but the eyecandy you have displayed in your bookshelves just spices it up. Loved those cushions, the doll and most importantly the copper colored pot. Very nice arrangement of still life.


Sas said...

Thank you Vinita,
I had a great time arranging those items :)

You can't see it on the photo, but the doll is actually a marionette from India,and the pot a singing bowl from Tibet.

It makes the most beautiful peaceful sound, I wish I could let you hear it :))


Klementine said...

Jus WOW! Loved those bookshelves. But more then those books those lil knick-knack looks amazing on them... you have well placed them :)