Sunday, January 20, 2008

Faces of Buddha part 1

Years ago my father gave me my first Buddha sculpture, I loved it right away. It brought peace and calmness to my room. And every time I looked at it I felt the loving energy of the Buddha as well as my father's love for me. It gave me a warm feeling. Since then every year my father gives me a Buddha for present. I love to have them around the house and they always seem to give me a sense of being welcome when I enter a room. Today I want to share some of my Buddha sculptures with you. The first Buddha you will see when you approach my house is this one from Indonesia. I put it up next to my front door about five years ago and the wood still looks soft and smooth. Every time when I come home he is waiting and welcomes me :)There are more Buddha sculptures around my house. This one stands in the middle of a large water bowl for the birds. It is lovely to see the sparrows all gather round him to drink. Sometimes they sit on his head dreaming about birdie stuff.

Every season when the leaves start to fall and turn brown he is there. And months later when the leaves are there again fresh and green he will still be there to greet them. I really love these calm and peaceful sculptures, as they seem to blend in with their surroundings no matter where I place them. This beautiful powdery blue sculpture guards a corner near my garden door. In the summer the lavender blue gets a kind of a mystic glow - I can't wait to see the sun on his face again. I have created different corners with Buddhas in my garden and they always seem to give a space a serene and calm quality.This Buddha has his own corner in my garden. I used an old crate of wood and attached it to a wall. It creates a great alcove for a still life with a Buddha. Throughout the years the ivy has grown into the crate and around the Buddha's face like a green and yellow picture frame. When you take a close look at this Buddha you will see the beautiful soft lines and calm expression of the face. I have different sculptures, from Indonesia, Cambodia, China and Vietnam. If you want to find out more about Buddhist art then click this interesting link from Wikipedia. The Buddha next to my front door is the only one in my collection with his eyes open. It is the first one my father gave me. He seems far more vivid then the other more calm and serene Buddha sculptures. But from his place next to my front door he somehow gives me the feeling that through his eyes my father is still guarding me :)) So far my entry for today. After tomorrow I will show you the Buddhas inside my house. The collage above shows you the different faces of the Buddhas. Although they are from all over the world, you can see the same peaceful energy shine from all the faces - the energy that connects us all with eachother.


vineeta said...

:) I loved your last line :) and all the warm Buddha pictures.

Sas, I also write to say you've been Tagged! We'd love to know more about you & Do check back into my blog for details of how. Enjoy!

Sas said...

Vineeta, so nice to hear that you liked that line because it came straight from my heart :)

Tagged?! I don't know what that means but you may know everything about me, so I will visit your blog now to find out :))

Vinita said...

Hi Sas,
Haven't been keeping well this week.. cough, cold, flu everything that winter weather can bring.

Great post. This post is very dear to my heart because of all the buddhas that you have displayed. They do bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to our otherwise hectic world. I liked your mom's quote and the way you have incorporated it in your life.

I will send you my living room pictures over the weekend and that's a promise. I hope to feel a lil bit better by that time.


Sas said...

Thank you Vinita, it is nice to share my love for Buddhas with you!

I hope you feel better soon and because you are feeling ill I have a little message for you on my blog today :))


Pacchai Milagai said...

Hi Sas,
I really loved your post about the buddhas in your garden. You have a really nice collection and you have incorporated them beautifully in your surroundings. I also have a beautiful clay laughing buddha but it is chipped in the corner near his feet. Any ideas on how I can hide it?Right now he sits on a side table in my living room.

Sas said...

Hello pacchai milagai, thank you for your warm comment and question.

You can try to repair your Buddha with painter's filler and paint it in the same colour afterwards as your Buddha.

Another idea if your Buddha is water resistant is to place him in the centre of a large bowl filled with water and floating candles or flowers.

If these ideas don't work you can send me a picture of your Buddha and I will try to figure out something else.

Good luck with it and feel free to let me know how it worked out for you and your Buddha :)


Anonymous said...

Loved your Blog :-)

Adding you on my blog roll


StyleAddicts said...

Hey Sas,

I am a buddha collector as well. I loved your Indonesian budha. It is quite unusual in its features! My first buddha came from an unlikely little boutique in a small town called Ridgefield in Connecticut :-) in the US.

Sas said...

Thank you Life Unscripted, I like your blog too :)

I read on your blog that you are a Nick Drake fan.This is one of my favourite songs from him; River Man
I love his music; it is so kind-hearted and affectionate.

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll :))


Sas said...

Hello Style addicts, nice to hear you like Buddhas too :)

At first I really had to get used to the Indonesian Buddha because he had his eyes open and looked so vivid! Now when I come home I love the sight of him next to my front door :))

Liked your blog by the way, inspiring :)


buddha-builder said...

I was just doing a search for Buddha images and your blog came up. I absolutely love your collection! I too am a Buddha collector, also a Zen practitioner, and...a Buddha maker. I've always felt that we need to explore the image and feeling of this sculpture in a modern, western and even female form. If you're interested you can see some of my explorations here: