Thursday, January 24, 2008

Buddha's bath

Today I am feeling a bit ill, I think it is the flu trying to get into my system. I wish I had a bath tub now....a great tub with lots of hot water and bubbles. My small shower downstairs isn't appealing to me at this moment brrr.I wanted to clean my house today but I simply don't have the energy for it. Now I just clean some shelves and one Buddha statue that are completely dusty. I must say that the sight of this small statue in the soap bubbles is getting my spirits up again! As he seems to enjoy the bubbles very much. Housekeeping is fun this way!This little red Chinese Buddha made me smile again. I hope Vinita that he will bring a smile on your face too although you are having the flu this week! And to everyone who is feeling a bit down or ill today; get well soon and keep smiling :))


hildA said...

it certainly worked for me, he put a smile on my face

Sas said...

Haha nice to hear that he made you smile :))

Vinita said...

hee hee heee cute.. really cute. He seems to really enjoy that bath...everytime i look at him it feels as though he is like a little baby saying "nooooo stop" and you are sitting besides him pouring that water over him gently.
And both of you having fun:))

Thanks sas it did make me feel better.


Sas said...

:) I am glad you are feeling a bit better and what a beautiful comment!

You reminded me of my childhood as my mother used to warmly wash me in a little white bath tub :))

vineeta said...

:) this is such a delightful post! He looks like he is really frolicking in the water & the bubble bath :)
Get well soon & take care!

Sas said...

Thank you Vineeta!

Wonderful how that little Buddha has made people smile including myself hihi :))

Peggy said...

Sas, I love your blog! I recently gave one of my buddhas a bath too! And it made me feel better too! Please check it out.

Great minds think alike! :)

Sas said...

Hahaha Peggy, I saw it how nice. Only yours filled the entire sink. My little red Buddha is only 20 cm!

Amazing how good it feels to clean and change your room from time to time. Like the energy of the room is completely refreshed :)

It is about time I scrub my little house again :))

Sara said...

thank you for your comment in my blog! I love this little Buddha. It looks so great with the foam!
Your house is beautiful!

Sas said...

Thank you Sara,
so is your house, it has a unique mood :)