Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kitchen inspiration

When I have the time I like to cook and make different new dishes for friends and family. I always change my table decoration for the occasion. For me this is so much fun; cooking and decorating! :)In the beginning it was a problem for me how to furnish the kitchen. It is square and small, but with a high ceiling. I tried a normal table with four chairs at first, but when someone wanted to use the bathroom everybody had to get up to make space :)And here is the solution to my problems, a bar set! Now I can eat with three friends and it takes a minimum of space. It also fills up the space between the floor and the high ceiling.Because I need the space on the table I have to put my decorations elsewhere. I attached some small cabinets in a row on the wall. They gave me extra storing place and a great basis for still life and other display!

I am so happy with this solution! Now when I want to change this corner I just change the table-cloth and add a few decorations and it looks completely different. It is truly a wonderful playground for me :)A time ago I suddenly became a bit frustrated! I had so much creative ideas but it felt like I was living in a dolls house and that there been no space for my decoration attacks. I realized that if I wanted to decorate more I had to create more display space.With little cabinets, brackets and shelves you easily create extra space. Now I have different places and corners in my house that I change recently. It feels as if the house is much larger now because it looks different every time. I have many little lights, table-cloths and statues that I keep in my basement. When I want to change the table settings for an occasion I just switch them and create a complete new atmosphere. I collected everything from flee-markets and outlets and have quite a collection which coasted me almost nothing, only some time and patience :) So far today's entry. I hope it gave you some ideas for your own kitchen.
Here is a collage with some of my kitchen arrangements.

If there are certain subjects you are interested in just let me know and it will become a topic in the future :)


Vinita said...

Hi Sas,

Glad to see that you added the Nickname option... for all those who are not from the blogger community but just readers.

First of all congratulations on your new blog. As the name says its truly inspirational. Especially the colors are breathtaking. The idea of moodboard after every post is quite unique and gives the readers lots to think about and act on.

Will be visiting your blog regularly.


Sas said...

Hello Vinita

Thank you so much for your warm comment (and advice about the nickname option)!

I am glad to hear that you like my blog :)

If you have any questions or ideas about future topics please let me know!


shuma.rani said...

Hi Sas,

Just wanted to have created a beautiful and inspiring blog, which I will visiting frequently.

Best wishes,


Sas said...

Hello shuma.rani,

So nice to hear you like my blog!

I would like to know what interior subjects would interest you. So feel free to send me suggestions for future topics :)


vineeta said...

Sas!!! You started your blog!! And what a beautiful space this is. Just like your home. WIth the colours of the fire and the sun. Let me quickly link you! :)
Loved this post. Here in Mumbai where I stay- space is such a huge problem & we need to constantly think of ways to space economise. And you have done it with so much style and sheer beauty. awesome!

Sas said...

Thank you so much dear Vineeta, I have sent you a mail on the day of my first blog but I think something went wrong there.

I wanted to thank you for the fact that you have inspired and encouraged me to start my own blog!

And you were right it is a very rewarding thing to do :)