Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today we go upstairs. The previous renters had a grey carpet on the stairs. It took me ages to get the carpet and the glue off.

I gave it an off-wI hite colour and the walls became deep orange. I have it for several years now but I still enjoy the warmth of it.

The wall decoration is from India. At first it was framed but then you couldn't see the fine needlework. So now I have it like a wall curtain and every time I pass it I see a new detail.Every year my father gives me a Buddha sculpture as a present (this Christmas a golden statue see below).
This one stands on top of the stairs and it always gives me a warm feeling when I am walking the stairs towards it.My tiny red library. The floor is the same as down stairs but looks completely different because I did not oil it but used a white wash. I like to buy my furniture second hand and very cheap on flea markets and the internet. The money I save with that I spend on beautiful accessories bought in Fair Trade shops.
For me Fair Trade craftsmanship will always give a piece something special because it is made with love and devotion.
I like combining different patterns. This bedspread is made in India and hand printed. The pillows and the fabric are also made in India and show the eye for detail!
I find ethnic craftsmanship very beautiful and in my house you can find sculptures and pottery from all over the world (never been there actually, I bought most of it in my little home town ;) And with this collage ends today's entry. It is a colourful mix of patterns, flowers and my dad's wonderful inspiring Buddha statues and sculptures :)


Arch at Rang said...

I am absolutely loving your colour palette here:-)

Thanks for linking to me...will link you too on Rang Decor:-)

Sas said...

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

I love a lot of different colours so it took me a while before I had this palette completed.
But I am glad I took the effort of discovering what really suited me for my home because now I am enjoying it every day!

Thanks for the comment and the link on Rang Decor! :)

vineeta said...

LOVED your stairway! and that wall curtain is REALLY pretty. I love your design sense.

Sas said...

Thank you Vineeta!

I really like that deep orange colour, it took me almost four layers of paint but it was worth it hihi

Anonymous said...

How Cool! I have that same bed from Ikea. I was beginning to think I didn't like it anymore until I saw it in one of your photos, with all the wonderful oranges and reds... and the lovely yellow walls. Again, thank you for the inspiration.

Sharon (aka sparklevenus on Flickr). :)

Sas said...

Hello Sharon :)

Thank you for the lovely feedback and I am very happy it gave you some inspiration :))


soulstirringexperiences said...

Dear SAS,
This blog is truly an inspiration. You know i set out this morning on a quest to make a dream of an art and craft store come alive...My journey has just begun and i have no clue at the moment where this quest will take me. Yet i was looking for inspiration and i came across your blog ...and i have fallen in LOVE with your home sweet home. The warmth, the colours, the detailing, the passion, the patience with which you seem to have built is so very evident. Its given me a great start or at least has added colour to my faint dream. Thanks so much ...
Cheers !

Sas said...

Dear Payal,

Thank you for your lovely comment :)

It is so nice to hear that you are following your dreams. I guess when you follow your heart and your intuition you are on the right way.

I wish you good luck and much warmth and creativity on your new exciting journey :))

Take care,