Friday, January 11, 2008

My kitchen

From the living room you walk right into my kitchen. It is small too and so I use my kitchen storage as an accessory. Onions, garlic, olives, tomatoes and bottles of wine became great decorating materials. I had no other space for my fridge then this corner. But it looked so white and lost in there. I decided to cover it up with a curtain and a frame of wood on top. Now it is one of my favourite corners. There is a light behind the chardonnay. When it is dark the chardonnay looks like liquid gold. On shelve there are lanterns made of Gape Gooseberries (Physalis) with lights in it. They glow lovely. I always save my cork. I put it on display or make wreaths with it. (I didn’t drink that all by myself though ;)

The kitchen tiles are painted in warm yellow. I am so glad my landlord allowed me to because they had an awful colour with a depressing pattern. I gave the pointing a dark colour with paint and now they look like old tiles. Ugly gaps in the wall I cover up with baskets filled with cork and the big wooden spoon is my towel rack. But I also use it to display accessories.
On the backside of the spoon I attached some small hooks. It is a great display for all kinds of kitchen accessories as well as herbs, beautiful red tomatoes, peppers and towels. Fresh herbs in pots scent and revive the kitchen and are now a days cheap available in almost every supermarket. I just love Basil and when I feel a bit down I stick my nose into it. With a salad caprese afterwards I feel better again in no time :) In the kitchen I decorate with everything that is available like bottles of wine, oil and vinegar. Tapas bowls, big jars with olives, cork, baskets and all kinds of vegetables and fruit. Above I made Christmas variation with little lights, tahin oil, cannel sticks and candles.

Here is a collage for you with some kitchen decorating ideas. On the corner from where I live there is an Asian/ Turkish shop and here I buy the most beautiful jars with conserved vegetables and olive oil. They also have dried peppers, paprikas and aubergines , Pomegranates and fresh dates on a branch.

It makes me happy to discover something new from far away. Everything that I can see, hear, taste and sense is welcome. So far for today, tomorrow we go upstairs. I make it sound like it is a land house but in reality you can walk through the complete house in five minutes! But we are taking the photo tour so we can make the house as big or as small as we want to ;) For me the size doesn't matter so much because every small corner is a playground for me where I can spend my time with creating little still lifes and rearranging objects.


tonum71 said...

Congratulations on your wonderful house, it's truly inspiring! You have such a good eye for colors, I love the warm atmosphere. Thank you for sharing! :-)

Sas said...

Thank you Nicole, I'm glad you like it :)

vk said...

Amazing, inspiring and informative... Loved the Cape Gooseberry lights..

Sas said...

Thank you for your warm comments it encourages me!

The Cape gooseberry lights are my favourites too, I love their colours and soft light :)


Rupa said...

I know this is a late comment but I love those gooseberry lights! I was even more fascinated that you made them. I have seen the dried ones around but how do you put the lights inside? I thought the tops of those berries are so fragile..would love to try making those since I love their orange color so much! Hope you don't mind sharing some tips!

Sas said...

It is very easy Rupa!

I have made a post about it so you can see how it is done.

You won't believe how simple it is hihi, enjoy and thanks for the feedback :))