Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sonti Tea

I started this Sunday with Sonti tea (tea with dried ginger). Wow, what a taste! It made me glow inside and it gave me a wonderful relaxing feeling. As usual I climbed on my kitchen sink to watch the birds in my garden. For me that is a moment of complete peace and satisfaction; watching those little creatures swarm :) Later on my sister came to visit me and we had another cup of Sonti tea. She loved it too :) I told her I'd received the recipe in a comment on my blog. We discussed the fact how nice it is to discover new tastes. To realize that there is still so much we haven't tried yet because we simply aren't aware of its existence. For me that is the beauty of blog sites and sites like Flickr . You get connected with people you normally wouldn't meet. You discover what interests them and you can share things. And while the rain is pouring down here in the Netherlands I am warm and happy with my Indian Sonti tea :))


Peggy said...

Beautiful! I love your blog! The glow effect on the dishes is beautiful. Matches your glow inside from drinking the tea!

Sas said...

Haha that is a nice way of putting it :)

I presumed you would like the colour of the tray as I have seen your soft colour palette on your blog :))

ie said...

great post. seems so simple, its just about some tea and relaxed time, but still there is something more in it and i love it. you are nice)

Sas said...

Thank you, your comment touched me :)

Lise Richards said...

Glad to find your beautiful blog. You've even inspired me to head downstairs and make a cup of tea :-)

Thank you!

Vinita said...

A whole post on the pleasures of the Plus the cup and the saucer to match your decor. Loved the cute little silver spoon.
I wish someone would make me a cup of this wonderful fragrance tea and I could sip it while watching those birds through your kitchen window.:))

We have a tea store here in the malls with the name teavana. I guess they have combined the word nirvana with the tea. The company web page is You will just love that store. They always have lot of samples of their fragrant teas to sip for all the cutomers. The store is decorated with buddhas and teakettles and tea cups from japan. They have books on tea ceremony and hundreds of varieties of teas. Visiting that store is an experience by itself.
I saw that you got mentioned on home rejuvenation. That is one of the blogs I visit too. Congratulations.
Talking of love for Buddhas may be you will like this one. It was shown on a tv show..small space big style and I absolutely adored his decorating style.


Sas said...

Thank you, I liked reading your warm and inspiring blog :)


Sas said...

Vinita! Thanks (again) for the lovely comment and great link I loved it and it inspired me to make a small topic about consoles.

Tonight I will check out the tea site :)


When you ever come to the Netherlands I will make you a cup of Sonti tea :))

Arch at Rang said...

Sas- It's amazing to see you too are a tea lover....and Sont Tea...awesome!!

Do drop by at and join me for a cup of tea:-))

Lovely colours!


vineeta said...

You have a way with colours & a way of making the simplest things so beautiful. I think its called grace :) Im so glad you commented that day on my flickr pic- or I'd have never known you- and what a loss that would have been :)

Sas said...

Arch at rang thank you for the beautiful link

I loved the mood and inspiring pictures! I will look for some Chai over here in the Netherlands and maybe we will share a cup together soon :))


Sas said...

Thank you so much Vineeta, I am happy too we met each other.

Otherwise I probably wouldn't have started my blog yet! :))