Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vitamin attack; the sequel

Yesterday I looked at the comments on my 'Vitamin attack' post. I received some lovely recipes from Vinita and Arty Zen. They told me that instead of taking vitamins against the flu I could try an Indian recipe made with ginger. And while I was reading I realized that I had changed this past year. Instead of taking the time to make myself a breakfast in the morning I quickly grab a slice of bread and a cup of coffee. And for my conscience I take some vitamin pills. No wonder I am not feeling well ;) So this morning instead of taking a vitamin pill I pressed some oranges. I must admitt it made me feel good, the process of pressing, the sweet taste and their beautiful colour. It made me happy. And when I looked at the oranges lying in the sink it seemed like the sun was shining inside of them :)We seem to get used so easily to certain habits that we don't notice them anymore. Sometimes the kindness of other people gives us the change to look at ourselves from a different angle. For me this morning it was an orange coloured one :))


Vinita said...

Hi sas,
Did you like the taste of the tea? DId you savor it gently sip by sip or gulp it down passionately holding your nose?:))

Hope you feel better soon.

And I agree with you about food, especially breakfast. Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day since we are breaking a fast, a gap of almost 10 to 12 hrs after dinner. The stomach hasn't received any food and all the acids and the bile are ready to do their job. Instead of a sit down breakfast at the table, more and more people have it on the go. People picking up their drive thru breakfast of coffee and donut and sipping it while driving are a common sight.
We have become a nation of instant and processed things. The flavors of warm oatmeal, freshly cut fruit, scrambled eggs have almost become a thing of the past or just reserved for the weekends.

Everyone is on the go and in a rush. We do need to take time to smell the roses and also have a good hearty breakfast.


Sas said...

What a beautiful comment Vinita! I totally agree with you.It took me a while to discover that I was doing the same thing.

But now I do take the time for my breakfast and I feel more relaxed and I have more energy :)

I loved the Sonti tea and I have made a little topic about it :)