Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brass accessories

Today's post is about brass; brass accessories to be precise. Let's see what they can contribute to decorating our homes, or in this case my home :) This is the first thing I see normally when I wake up in the morning. My gold plated Buddha with the sun on his face and some brass accessories reflecting the light. I love it to see the sun on these objects.They reflect the light beautifully which gives them a wonderful glow. I have some brass trays and incense holders that travel around in my home creating cosy corners wherever they are :)In my house in places with many orange tones I like to use brass objects to deepen the orange tones. They really seem to underline eachother's warmth.My kitchen is a good example of the harmony between orange tones and brass. My home is quite dark because of the lack of many windows but the orange coloured wall paint and the brass objects seem to absorb and reflect the sunlight throughout the kitchen.
I always watch out for brass boxes, trays, incense holders and plates. They make lovely table arrangements and are a handy base for a warm still life. Mine I collected from flea markets and outlet stores and they are priceless for Holiday decorations :)So far this post about brass accessoiries, I hope you got to like their warm glow too :)


vk said...

Hey Sas,
Everything you touch turns to "Gold"...from these brass accessories, to the walls of your home, to your photos on Flickr and this amazing blog.
Wow! is all I can say for this post now.
I have some brass accessories around the house, sort of uncared for. :( I should make amends. You made me love brass today.
Thanks for the warm golden glow ...have a wonderful day.


Sas said...

Hello Vani,
thank you for the warm glow from your comment :)

Hope you will have a wonderful day too, with lots of your beautiful pictures :))


Chandan said...

Love your sense of style and eye for form and colour...

shelley said...

The face of buddha - what a beautiful thing to look at first thing in the morning!

Sas said...

Welcome to my blog Chandan and thanks for the lovely comment :)

I absolutely love your beautiful photos on Flickr. What a feast of colours!

Have a nice day :))


Sas said...

Thank you Shelley :)

You are wright about the Buddha; he always makes me calm and relaxed in the morning.

Hope your day will be relaxed too :))