Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some little lights I wanted to share with you. I hope all of us will see lots of them today :)))


vk said...

Thanks for sharing, Sas. What a lovely thought. I could do with a brighter day :).

Lovely picture and composition, as usual. You should put this up on Flickr.

Hope you also have a very nice day, with loads of warm lights.


Sas said...

So nice to hear that Vani and I will put it up on Flickr :)

Hope you will have a lovely day :))


shelley said...

Thank you - your pictures and words always light up my day! I hope you have a wonderful day.

hildA said...

simple but oh so lovely

Sas said...

What a lovely thing to say Shelley, thank you :))

Sas said...

Thanks hildA,
you really have inspired me to use reflections and shades :)