Thursday, February 7, 2008

Coffee cups

This day started with sun and coffee :) Besides tea I like to drink coffee too. My boyfriend brought me some new flavours and it is so nice to share a cup of coffee with someone you love :)I like the colours and shapes of these cups, like little bonbons. My coffee machine makes a lot of noise to produce one cup of coffee. It sounds like a whole factory is at work when I am making myself a cappuccino. And then after all the noise and steam suddenly there is silence. This silence is the perfect frame for my coffee moment. I look satisfied at the used cups and sun breams in my kitchen sink. A frail sun is shining today and I can feel the spring coming :)This picture I have made for Hilda. She always inspires me with her beautiful photos of reflections and shadows :)
My love is making me another cup of coffee now and in the meantime I enjoy the play with shadows on my kitchen wall. Have yourself a lovely day :))


Vinita said...

SO many posts in one day sas.. Looks like the coffee is doing its own magic.

"It sounds like a whole factory is at work when I am making myself a cappuccino." hee hee :))
May be you should invite the neighbors over.


vk said...

Sun and coffee, what a perfect blend :). I am a coffee freak too. Only here, there is fog and coffee these days :).

But, lately I too have a perfect blend to counter the cuppa of coffee and your blog. I can feel the warmth in your writing, which is straight from the heart. (I am glad your blog is back in action.)

Have a lovely day, Sas.


Sas said...

Vinita and Vani, thank you both so much for the regular lovely comments and feedback on my blog :)

Wish I could share a cup with you sometime :))


vk said...

Someday perhaps :)

hildA said...

Hello Sas,

it is only now that I see this post, as I usually look at your pictures on flickr. today is a chilly grey day and I decided to soak up the sun from your heart warming interior. it reloads my batteries, thank you.


Sas said...

Hello HildA, what a lovely comment, thank you :)

It makes me happy to hear that it warmths you as I get the same feeling from your work and pictures

Hope you will see some sun today :))