Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Circle of friendship

I received a question from Anne regarding the wooden cases in my living room. I have mentioned them in my post 'Welcome to my home' . They make a great wall decoration because I can burn candles in them and at night they look like little pictures of light :) The backside of the cases is open and covered with casement cloth. This way I can change the colour palette easily from time to time. I just change the fabric and add some new coloured candles and pillows. The cases are very handy in dark corners where you want to add some light but don't have a electric point. Here is a close-up for you Anne. As you can see you can easily make them yourself. The bevel sawing on the corners was done for me at my local D.I.Y.-shop. The basic I secured with nails and I glued the front side on it. The open backside was covered with fabric. Easy as that Anne :)) From Vani I received a question about the Mexican circle of friendship in my living room. In the centre of the circle I placed a salt lamp that gives a beautiful glow. Besides the fact that they add a lovely atmosphere to my room they also cover up my cd-player hihi.This circle of friends will never let go of each other's arms. Inextricably entwined, they represent an ancient pre-Columbian ceremonial dance symbolizing the unbroken circle of friendship. To me it symbolizes the equality of all human beings.I hope you have got a better image of my circle of friendship this way Vani :)


vk said...

Thanks so much Sas. It was so very sweet and thoughtful of you to take such lovely shots of the circle of friendship for me. It looks so beautiful exactly as friendship is. Only a warm and kind person like you would understand what it means and that is why you have captured its essence so brilliantly. I wish I had one of those. Perhaps one day ☺.
You warmed my heart today again.


Vinita said...

I love this concept of circle of friends too. We have a lot Mexican style pottery stores in our area and they carry this , either as a planter or just the way you have it. WHen I had seen it for the first time,I was struck with the beauty of those figurines and the idea behind that concept.

Very creative of you to turn that into a table lamp.


Sas said...

Thank you Vani for your lovely warm comment and compliment :)

I am glad you like it, that warms my heart too :))


Sas said...

Hello Vinita :)

I have had the same experience as you when I saw these figurines the first time. The symbolism behind these sculptures really moved me :)