Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flower arrangements; Snowdrops

For this post I have combined two topics. The colour for today is pale blue and today's flowers are Snowdrops (Galanthus). To me they match beautifully; the fragile shape and colour of Snowdrops together with pale powdery blue tones :)) I have loved Snowdrops since I was a child. My mother often told me how her father yearly used to give her the first Snowdrops he could find on the market. How happy I was when they showed up in my garden some years ago, to me it felt like a gift from my late grandfather :) I normally don't have the heart to pick flowers. But today I have made an exception and picked these five Snowdrops from my garden to share them with you. I hope they will forgive me... Do you long for the spring just as much as I do? Last week the sun was shining over here for a few days on a row and a female blackbird started to make her nest in my garden. But this weekend it was already freezing again and now she seems to realize that it was a bit early to start. Guess I wasn't the only one with spring already on my mind :))This is the oldest Chinese Buddha in my collection. As long as I can remember he had a place in the window-sill at my parental house. Now he lives with me and seems to enjoy the Snowdrops too :) So far this post on pale blue and Snowdrops, I hope you liked it and that spring seems a bit closer now :) If you have a favourite flower or colour you want to see here, feel free to mail me. Have a nice day :))


Nikki said...

Hai Sas, wat een mooie post!
Ik moest ook direct aan opa denken toen ik de sneeuwklokjes zag :)

Wat leuk dat je nu ook muziek kan draaien op je blog, vooral die muziek van Yann Thiersen past er perfect bij!

Liefs, Nik

vk said...

Hi Sas,

What a lovely mix of colours here. Love the pale blue you have chosen. Exquisite! And those flowers are so pretty. Never seen anything like these before.

And, your interiors, especially the colour tone of the oldest Buddha (loved that one) also goes well with this colour palette. You have done a great job with this post. ….I should crown you “Queen of Interiors” : )))))) …Beautiful.


Sas said...

Dank je lieve schat :)

Tot gauw en een dikke kus :))

liefs, Sas

Sas said...

Haha thanks for the compliment Vani blush blush

Lovely that you didn't knew the flowers, this way I could really share something new with you:))


Barb McMahon said...

Pale blue and snowdrops - two of my favourites.

It will be a few months before we see them here...

Sas said...

Thank you Barb Mcmahon and welcome to my blog :)

Nice to hear you like them too! Now you already got a preview, before they show up near you in a few months :))


vineeta said...

Sas!You are the best! I wondered if you could feature pale blue- since I've never seen that colour here- And what a beautiful and touching post u turned it into! And those delicate flowers! I'm now wondering what colour to name- is it allowed for 1 person to ask for 2 colours? the other 2 vibrant hot colours I can think of are fuscia and turquoise blue- you can even throw in some pieces of jewellery- just kidding :) U always create such eyecandy- just keep doing it :)

Sas said...

Dear Vineeta,

Thank you for your warm comment :)

You can't request too many colours or topics. For me it is so lovely to receive requests because it brings me new inspiration. Above that it is much more rewarding to work on a requested topic :))

So just keep it coming hihi