Sunday, February 3, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Two weeks ago I received a comment from Vineeta in which she told me that she had tagged me. I didn't know what that was. But fortunately she linked me to her site and there I read what it means to be tagged :)
-Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
-Share seven things about yourself.
-Tag (if possible) seven people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
-Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I was feeling excited and happy because Vineeta is a warm person who is able to make an inspiring blog called Artnlight and beautiful pictures that always move me. And here I am being Tagged hihi, well let's get to it :))

1- I love animals;
When an animal looks at me I get the feeling that they are looking right into my soul. The beauty and pureness of nature and all its creatures really moves me. It gives me a glance at life's wonders and energy. Above that they always bring a smile to my face :)

2 - I love to glance through design books; I can glance through design books for hours :) I make myself a cup of tea and I dream away with pictures of beautiful houses and interiors. Sometimes I get inspired and start to change my own interior again, I love it :)

3 - I love to cook for friends and family; When I have the change I love to cook for my family and friends. Normally I make several small dishes so they can taste a lot of different flavours. I am a vegetarian and I like to use fresh herbs and spices. It makes me happy to see people enjoying a meal I have prepared for them :)

4 - I love the colours of my daily life; The colours that we come across during the day are very inspiring to me. Once you have noticed them they seem to appear everywhere around you. Even on your breakfast table or in your kitchen sink. I admire the colours of my daily life and it is a infinite source of inspiration to me :)

5 - I love to watch the birds in my garden;
Every morning I climb on my kitchen sink to watch the birds in my garden. I get the same visitors every day and they have become my friends. For example there is a robin, a blackbird, turtle doves and many sparrows. For me it is a kind of meditation to see these little birds eat peacefully. It calmes me and brightens up my mood to see them poke around :)

6 - I love to create my blog with my dog;

Since January this year I sit on the couch behind my laptop in the morning to write my blog. Pork my seventeen year old little dog cuddles up besides me. Starting this blog was one of the most rewarding things I have done for a long time. It brought back my creativity and self-confidence regarding my work. Being able to share my thoughts and pictures with other people makes me happy. It makes me feel connected :)

7 - I love daydreaming in the sun;
When I look at this picture I wish I could sit in the sunlight again right now and feel her warmth on my skin. How I love the sun and to carelessly daydream while bathing in her sunbeams. Still a few months and then she will show her warm face again here in the Netherlands during the summer :)

So far my "tagged" entry, I have enjoyed making it and I hope you liked it too getting to know me a bit better :) It is difficult for me to tag seven people because I am online for only a month now but here is my little list. I would like to tag Hilda from Art, Design,Kitsch... who always inspires me with her warm comments and beautiful work. Kanchan from Life Unscripted (√Član) with her inspiring pictures and Jess Gonacha from Treasuring with her beautiful art. I also had Peggy from Creative Influences on my list but she already got tagged. I want to thank these warm creative people for sharing their beautiful work and stimulating me through their comments :)


LADY LUXIE said...

Clap! clap! clap! Lovely tag..and sooo true what you said about animals..they do seem to see through us...

Thank you for sharing :>

vk said...

Dear Sas,

Loved this post. I am glad you were tagged as I got to know seven wonderful things about you. After photos of Marley and Pork, liked your day dreaming pic the best.

Your blog is like an electronic Sonti tea for me…if there could be such a thing ☺…keep blogging…Thanks for all the warm energy.

Looking forward to your next post!


hildA said...

Wow Sas, I don't really know what to say, my first time to come in the public eye like this. Thank you so much for your kindness and warm comments. You are such a creative person, a warm and gentle person. It is always a pleasure to look at your amazing pictures from your gorgeous environment.
OK, it might take a while to figure out this tag-thing, and I don't really know who I can send it to, I'm quite a loner in this blog-world. Well, maybe it is time to get out of my shell.
Give your cutie of a dog a big hug, I can't believe he reached this age, still looks so young.
Big hug for you too.

Vinita said...

AS VK said we did get to know more about you through this tag and you come out as a warm loving wonderful creative person who we knew all along you were.

I did not know you were a vegetarian. SO am I. Are those stuffed bell peppers/ What's the stuffing?

Your puppy is really cute. Must be a patient pup to sit with you while you blog and spend time on the net.

You do have a beautiful garden. With basil and rosemary growing the terracotta pots and so many birds in your backyard you have created yourself a piece of heaven.

Is that you in the picture with a wine glass in your hand? very very pretty.

Your mom's cat has real pretty eyes.


jess gonacha said...

i'm glad to know more about you now! i'm posting my list of 7 things right now on my blog, since you tagged me... :)

vineeta said...

Fantastic post! I learnt so much more about you! Loved your nird and cat pictures & you cook too- how awesome is that! Im a vegetarian too- veggies of the world unite! :) This post has given us a lovely peep into your life- thanx much! And you call the sun 'her' which is so amazing :) A huge hug to a fellow sun lover :)

StyleAddicts said...

Dear Sas,

Love sitting in the sun too and browsing design books. A job at Elle Decor with ability to work from the park that is strategically close to a teahouse would make a perfect life;-)

Anonymous said...

As always a lovely post, So good to know so much about you, well we have a lot in common but wont reveal it here, get it on my blog as have to write about it since you tagged me. Thanx so much for tagging me :-)


Sas said...

Thank you Lady Luxie!

Nice to hear you liked the post and that you love animals too :))

You have a beautiful blog by the way!


Sas said...

Dear Vani,

Thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback these past weeks :)

It is really encouraging and stimulating :))


Sas said...

Dear Hilda,

Just take your time with the tag post. It took me some time too to figure out what I wanted to say about myself. It took me even longer to react on the wonderful and lovely comments I received after this post. Guess it made me shy hihi.

I am enjoying your pictures and blog very much and you have a very warm energy surrounding your work :)

Thank you for the beautiful comment and a big hug from me and Pork!


Sas said...

Thank you Vinita for your open and warm comments.
It is so nice to share like this :)

Pork was very proud when I told him you thought he was still a puppy! He looks like one to me too.

By the way the peppers were stuffed with couscous salad. And yes it is me holding the glass hihi

Thank you for all the comments and feedback these past weeks it has really helped to start and continue my blog :))


Sas said...

Dear Vineeta,

Thank you so much for all the feedback and positive energy :)

May the sun follow you wherever you go,

Big hug,


Sas said...

Styleaddicts, the job you describe sounds too good to be true hihi :))

Hope you and me will find it someday, in the meantime I am happy already just reading in the sun.

I wish you lots of sunshine :))


Sas said...

Jess and Kanchan so nice to hear you liked the post :)

Good luck with your own tag post, I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I have.

Thanks for sharing :))