Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Colours of nature

Although it is cold outside and raining my mood is very good. The warm comments on my 'Tagged" post makes me feel sunny and happy :) I said yesterday that animals seem to look right into my soul and Lady Luxie agreed with me on that point. Well Luxie I wanted to share these eyes with you from my mother's cats :) To me the eyes of cats are amazingly powerful. They have a colour depth and power that always amazes me. It makes me feel like a little mouse in front of them hihi as they seem to have a hypnotising effect :) How green can it be? I can't stop wandering how nature comes up with these incredible beautiful colours. It makes me feel foolish when I sit at my desk wrestling with my design books and colour samples while I look outside to see the most intriguing colour combinations in my garden :)The warm yellow and terra colours on leafs were an inspiration to me when I chose the colours for my spare bedroom and kitchen. Teak matches the yellow wonderful, just as all kinds of branches and wood. Sometimes the most beautiful colour palettes lay right at your feet in the fall :)Even as a child I loved robins. This little fellow visits me every day and I just love his beautiful colour. When people ask me what inspired me for the warm orange colour palette of my house they never expect my answer. In spite of all the books I have, the study on colour and the numerous samples the true source of inspiration was a robin's chest hihi. I hope you will see one too today :))


Vinita said...

Colorful post :))
Never saw Robin with an orange breast. Here we always have robin redbreast.

In our backyard we have blackbirds, blue jays and robin redbreast visiting us. And also lots of squirrels playing tags. I used to leave lot of bird seeds to attract birds but that started attracting cats too and I didn't want those unsuspecting birds to sacrifice their lives for food so I stopped doing that.

Today its warm here. 72 degrees. Cloudy and light rain. (DO i sound like a weather man? lol) The trees are still bare. But we know that spring is not far behind.


Anonymous said...

Loved what u did with those corks Plz. let me know how to make one for me :)

Colorful post :)


Sas said...

Hello Vinita, thanks for your lovely comment :)

Here it is still raining but I have seen the first signs of spring!! I will show it to you tomorrow :))


Sas said...

Thank you Kanchan :)

I will show you how to make a cork wreath in a post. It is very easy and fun to do :))