Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This week I could spend more time outside in my garden again. It felt so good to breath the fresh air after all those months indoors with the central heating on. One bush in my garden had beautiful coloured leafs with such intriguing patterns that I just had to stop and look at them.It almost looked like a painting to me with the soft green and the deep red lines. The whole branch had hundreds of those beautiful little paintings. And my garden suddenly appeared to me as one huge exhibition :) Strange actually; these leafs were there all the time and it took me weeks to finally see them. I must have passed this bush on several occasions without noticing its beauty. I guess the sunlight did the trick again and pointed it out to me :)) Printed on canvas you can turn a leaf (or anything else) into a real 'painting'. I like this one up here because of its warm colours that return in the silk pillows on the couch. A bit of nature inside the house to overcome the central heating periods :))


Roosje said...

Wat een ontzettende mooie foto's!
Ik word helemaal blij van je blog.
Hopelijk tot gauw, liefs Roos

Sas said...

Hé Roos wat leuk om jou hier te zien! :)

En wat fijn om te horen dat je het mooi vindt hihi

Ik hoop je binnenkort weer eens (in het echt) te zien :))

liefs Sas

vk said...

This is so beautiful Sas. Great shots and nice post. What a beautiful idea to turn the photo into a "painting". It does enhance your decor. No orange-yellow walls :(

Those leaves have such a delightful texture and amazing colours. Do you know which plant it is?

So true that many a times we pass by beauty everyday without noticing. As I write, I can hear your favourite bird in my garden. Possibly she knows I am writing to you :)

Have a nice day ...from your bird too... :))

vineeta said...

Fantastic post Sas- I completely loved that picture of the room & the way the pillow colours took from the painting- awesome! :)

Sas said...

Thank you Vani for the warm feedback :)

This is actually not my home but Toek's living room. He was happy with the result and so was I because he has a lovely home :)

I don't know what kind of bush it is I will try to find found.

Thank you for the comment about the bird, it warmth my heart :))

Hope you have a nice day too!


Sas said...

Vineeta :) so nice to read your enthusiastic comment, very encouraging :))


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Loved the idea :)