Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thoughts over tea

I must admit that since the sun showed her face I feel different. I look around in my house and feel the urge to clean. I look at myself in the mirror and feel the urge to clean my head; to make a fresh start :) Regarding my 'fresh start' this is a good day to focus on a cup of tea and to clear my head (I can always do the cleaning when it rains ;) Since I started my blog and Flickr account and began to share my work I can feel the creativity buzz again. Someone spots a lovely little bird in India and makes a beautiful picture. I watch the Flickr stream here in the Netherlands and enjoy it too. Or I read on someone's blog how she is working on her apartment with the same love and patience I use to decorate mine. Those things make me happy, make me feel connected :)It feels like sharing a cup of tea with the world and I love it. I recently read in a warm comment on my blog; 'you romanticize everything' :) That is true hihi but at the same time I see life's other side too. Everything in life has a dark and a bright side I guess.By writing this blog I remind myself of all the bright pleasures in life. And sharing them makes them even brighter. Let's drink a cup of tea and clear our heads :))


vk said...

Loved this post Sas!. How beautifully worded, as deliciously warm as your tea I guess :).

You are right about the feeling of being one with the world....nothing beats it. And, to rejoice in the small pleasures of life cause that is what makes our lives so beautiful.... :)

Thanks for sharing such lovely thoughts. It is midnight here otherwise I would have had a cup of tea this moment while reading your blog....

Keep posting inspirations :).


Sas said...

So nice to hear that Vani :)

And I really want to thank you for all of your lovely and warm comments :))

Good night and have a nice day tomorrow :)))


shelley said...

The silhouette pic reminds me of beautiful warm sunny Sunday morning at home with a cup of chai tea. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over!

Sas said...

Thank you Shelley, that silhouette picture always gives me a warm Sunday feeling too :)

Lovely to hear that it does the same for you :))


vineeta said...

What you wrote is so true- Blogging and flickering has truly opened my life too :) and its great to enjoy the art and sensibilities of people across the world right at your table. And I love the way you celebrate and savour every moment of your life!

Sas said...

Thank you Vineeta,

It is nearly two months ago that you gave me the good advice just to start with my blog :)

I enjoy it every day so much and often I think about your warm advice and send you a smile to thank you for it :))


vineeta said...

Sas, but u are such a natural at this- when I see your blog I feel you've been doing this forever :) I often take tips from it as well :)

Arch at Rang said...

I am with you on this one:-))

Your inner beauty shines through your words:-)

Two more people I know who have that effect on me are Maddie
& Gillian

Maybe you have visited their blogs...but just thought I'll let you know anyway:-))

Sas said...

Thank you Arch at Rang for the lovely compliment and for the links. I am going to check them out :))

This is exactly what I meant with sharing, thank you :))


Sas said...

And a big hug for you Vineeta, for your always warm and loving feedback :))