Monday, February 25, 2008


Yesterday was a lovely day on which I travelled by train for almost six hours. The trip gave me such a big amount of impressions that I decided to take it easy today. The sun was shining so that wasn't hard to do :)When I want to relax and get to myself I love to read a book. The smell of the paper and the turning of the pages make me feel relaxed within ten minutes. The best places for me to read are my couch with my dog on my lap or when it's sunny outside in the garden. Although I hardly could read in the sun with the sweet sunbeams dancing through the lines and the words jumping up and down, I felt completely warm and relaxed.I must admit that I haven't read that much today. It was more a scene of me in the sun holding a book. But it worked and it felt like I was on a little vacation. When it got colder outside I changed my place in the garden for the couch and while my dog was snoring loudly on my lap I gave the reading another try. By now it is dark and in ten minutes Toek will come down to drink a glass of port with me and to discuss the day. I have done completely nothing today and it felt great. There was a time when I always had to do something and the idea of sitting still frightened me.With the years I found out that it is important to sometimes do nothing for a while. To find the rest in yourself to let go of all the things you have to do and to just sit down and relax. I really had to learn that, but I feel I am getting better at it each time I try :))


vk said...

Dear Sas,
I felt relaxed reading this :). It is indeed very important to do nothing once in a while. I am glad you had such a restful and calm day. As usual you have some incredibly creative book shots. You must post 2 and 4 definitely on Flickr.

Have a nice day.

Sas said...

Dear Vani :)

Thank you for the encouraging and lovely feedback. I will post the pictures on Flickr right away!

Hope you have a nice and relaxed day :))


Chandan said...

Nice compositions with the books and bulbs Sas... How do you manage to get the lovely golden light in your images day after day... Since I work in natural light most of the time.. i kills me not to see the sun . There has not been a sunny day in the past ten days..:-(

anyway thumbs up to you...

Rupa said...

I totally relate to you when you say you had to learn to do nothing sometimes! I used to be one of those people who had to be productive all the time. Lately, I am learning to just sit and relax with a book to read or browse through decor magazines and just enjoy! I must be gettin' old..he he...:)



Sas said...

Thank you Chandan for your lovely compliment :)

My house is quite dark so most of the macro pictures I make in my kitchen sink. But there are days too when the sun insn't shining and I have to wait for sunlight.

I use Picasa to adjust some of my pictures. This is a very friendly program and easy to use. I also use it to make my collages.

I wish you lots of sun :))


Sas said...

Hihi then we are both getting old Rupa :)

Nice to hear you can enjoy the pleasures of sitting still for a while too. It is so lovely to become quiet and calm inside from time to time.

Thank you for the warm comment :))


Sas said...

Thank you Claire Mojher :))

vineeta said...

I think you are an expert at it & like Vani says its relaxing just reading your posts! I'm still at this stage where I CAN'T not do anything. I have to learn. Its important I realise. Infact this past week has been a lesson in that for me. I've been slightly ill & down & I decided not to do much. It did feel good!
But what I must tell you is how beautifully you create easy arrangements and MUCH beauty. As a kid I remember making 'book flowers' like you have done & how well you have lit it & captured it. Thanx much for this :)

Sas said...

Dear Vineeta,

Thank you for your open and honest comment. I guess we need those lessons about keeping peace in ourselves to find out who we really are.

For me personally; I didn't stay at my centre this week and now I have a stiff neck hihi (Now I MUST take it easy :)

I am sending you a big hug from over here and take care :))