Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thoughts over tea

Today I got up early for a Sunday, at eight o'clock to be precise. I am going to visit my parents in law today and I wanted to make my blog first. It is strange but in the lazy comfort of a day free from work you suddenly seem to notice how important friends and family are in your lives.We will have to travel three hours by train and I love it to watch the other travellers during the train journey. Where are they going to and who are they going to visit? It always intrigues me and the most exciting stories spin through my head while I watch the other passengers come and go. My first cup of tea today is a feast because I have a little fruit cup cake with it. It is sweet and the jelly sparkles in the sunlight. Cakes always remind me of birthdays and celebrations of some kind. I know that later this day we will get a lovely home baked cake or an other treat along with our tea again. Such a lovely way to let people know that they are welcome :)) Well the cake is finished and after I made a little flower arrangement for a present, we will be on our way. I wish you a lovely day with the ones you love. Or maybe you live alone and are enjoying the warm comforts of your home today. Anyway let's make it a lovely Sunday with tea and cake to celebrate it:))


vk said...

The cup cake looks yum, Sas! ...I hope you enjoyed your journey and the warm comfort of family. I am having a very busy weekend at my parents' too :).

Take care, Vani

Sas said...

Dear Vani,

Althought we have spend six hours in the train; I have had a lovely warm day :)

So nice to hear you enjoy your family; I hope you have had a wonderful day together too :))

hug Sas

vineeta said...

Never seen a yummier looking cup cake! :) hope you had a great day :)

Sas said...

Dear Vineeta, thank you it was a visit filled with warmth :))

The whole day felt just like the cup cake tasted; lovely :))


Anonymous said...

Sas, those are some awesome pics! I love the cake picture with the flowers on the side. You don't happen to have the recipe for it do you?! I am not even much for sweet stuff but I LOVE fruits and this picture is making my mouth've done it!