Saturday, February 2, 2008

Today is yellow!

What a lovely day it is, finally the sun shows herself here in the Netherlands. Okay in between it is raining, but who cares she is there :)Sunbeams on my breakfast dish; what a lovely way to start the day :) It gives the whole breakfast something classy, like a feast of colours. Everything seems more beautiful when it is surrounded by sunlight. While I do my dishes I see birds sunbathing in my garden and people on the street seem to have a sunny smile :) Even the dish water has an intriguing glow, it makes me want to step into it hihi. Yes today is yellow for me, it is certain now. I will absorb these sunbeams and keep them with me until spring is here. How is your day, is it sunny or is it raining in your country? Or maybe your mood is dark at the moment and not yellow at all. Either way here is a collage for you. Hopefully it will add a little yellow to your day too, enjoy :))


Vinita said...

Are those gummy bears?? whatever those are they are cute.
Well in our part of the world its sunny but still cold. This week it has been windy too. Winds blowing at 50 miles per hour speed. So the wind chill makes the weather seem even colder. But its always sunny where I live by that I mean sun always comes out so much so that I feel how wonderful it would be to have cloudy weather. How lucky to be in parts like seattle or portland where it is cloudy and rains everyday.

But once we had cloudy weather for a week and it was cold and it would rain and at that time I really understood how much energy the sun brings into our lives. Its warmth gives us the uplifted mood.

But everything in moderation would be good.


Sas said...

Hello Vinita :)

For me it is hard to imagine that the sun always shines over here. As a child I have been to France with my parents and I remember how much I loved it to feel the sun every day.

I guess we get used to our surroundings and long for something else. Maybe we can switch sometimes, a fresh rain for you and some sunbeams for me :)

By the way, yes those are gummy bears. Cute little things indeed :))


Anonymous said...

Wil alleen even zeggen dat je blog en foto's een genot voor het oog zijn. Schitterend!

Sas said...

Och wat lief! Dank je Irene :))

vineeta said...

Yellow is my FAVOURITE colour! Saturdays are days that I just chill- no office. I get up do my excercise, have a late breakfast and its the day thats dedicated to mom- She sees very less of me rest of the week :) I feel like u do about the sun, I can never have enough- though in my country its sunny always :)