Friday, February 1, 2008

Pickled peppers

This morning I accidentally dropped a jar with pickled peppers in my cellar. Everything smells sour now in my house. My old little dog Pork sniffed at one and was sneezing for half an hour. It would have been such a waste because I couldn't eat them anymore due to the glass splinters. So I decided to share them with you :)

Well here they are; beautifully coloured in red and green sparkling in my kitchen sink. I like it to eat spicy. Especially when it is very cold or warm outside. And this week it is cold and windy over here brrrr. So till spring shows her face it will be lots of peppers, ginger and garlic for me :)

I am getting all creative with these peppers. That is the wonder of taking pictures. Since I have started to take them again I look different at my surroundings. Suddenly I see a picture in every daily event. And these are not peppers I scraped from my cellar floor; oh no this is a pepper composition hihi :)
Well this is the result of me being in love :) It feels wonderful; it is a very powerful and creative energy. It feels like my heart finally has opened itself. Not only to love but also to myself as a person. Being able to look at myself in a loving way enables me to look at others that way too. It makes me feel peaceful and happy.
I hope everybody will have a lovely day this Friday :))


Arch at Rang said...

What a great idea:-))

Looks lovely and happy weekend to you too:-)

hildA said...

I already thought they would go in a tasty dish cooked with love until I read about the accident. well they will live much longer now captured in a picture.

Sas said...

Thank you Arch at Rang and Hilda :)

Now it feels the jar did not broke for nothing!

Happy weekend to you both :))


Vinita said...

Pickled peppers .yum yum. Are these jalapenos or habanero? If its the second one it must be pretty hot. I tasted the salsa made with habaneros and even though I am an Indian and very used to spicy and hot food I was jumping thru the roof for atleast 20 min.
Food in Netherlands looks very tasty. Those Giant size jars of Olives and now these peppers.Wow!!

Being in love does make the person more loving. WIth Valentine's day coming up you must surely a lot of ideas now:))

neta said...

I love these pepper compositions, very funny, It's reminded me some surface design I made as a student I used the same kind of peppers but dried.

Peggy said...

Sas, what a delightful post. Who knows maybe those peppers surrendered themselves to a greater purpose - art! I know exactly what you mean about seeing pictures everywhere. I just can't seem to stop clicking.

I will try to follow your lead and love myself more. Thanks for warming my heart with your gentle words.

Sas said...

Thank you Neta :)

I have them dried too on a string. Beautiful how they keep their colour.

Nice to hear they have been an inspiration to you too once, small world :))


Sas said...

Hello Peggy,

Well I am glad you're clicking because I like your pictures. I really loved the recent ones with the statues :)

I wish you a warm, lovely weekend and thank you for your open comment :))


Sas said...

Hello Vinita :)

Thanks for the funny comment. I think they are jalapenos but I am not sure. I buy them at the Turkish supermarket on my corner together with the jars with olives. I love to taste new flavours and every time they have something new the store owner friendly shows it to me :)

I must admit Vinita that I celebrate Valentine all year. I love it to make little presents for the man I love. Paper cut hearts, pictures or silly little gifts. I finally have found someone who appreciates that hopeless romantic twist of mine hihi

I wish you a lovely weekend :))


vineeta said...

Happy being in love! Theres nothing like it :)! And being in art is also like being in love. It just makes you happy HAPPY!! I like 'Being in art' :)