Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wooden accessories

In a response to yesterday's post "Brown" I received a request to show some wooden accessories. I really like requests like these because they stimulate me to create new still lifes, while at the same time I discover new arrangements for my own home hihi :))I shamelessly combine all kinds of wood :) Like here; the Buddha and the dark plate are made from the same coloured wood as the side table and the second plate. By repeating the colours it becomes a unity. To underline the balance I used two similar lamps on each side of the Buddha.Here I used the same side table, this time with a huge Yogi man (Orang Malu). The wood of the sculpture returns in the book ends and the flower pot. The orange of the pillows is repeated in the books and the green of the plant adds some life to the still life :)My personal favorite wooden accessories are these wood carved boxes from Indonesia. They show such beautiful detail and colours in all shades of brown!The desert rose (Gypsum) matches all kinds of wood through its powdery soft colours and beautiful shapes. These ones I have had for years and they still intrigue me.So far today's entry, I hope it gave you some inspiration. I wish you all a very creative weekend :))


vk said...

Thanks Sas,

Very inspiring post. Great tips there. You have such a lovely collection of carved boxes and that desert rose is so amazing.

Keep posting :). I am enjoying your blog very much.


Sas said...

Dear Vani, thanks for the lovely feedback :))

I hope you will have a beautiful (and lazy this time) Sunday!

Here we had a freezing cold morning but luckily in the end a little watery sun showed up, hopefully you will catch some sunbeams too today :))


Anonymous said...

WOW sas, you have such a gr8 collection, i am surely tempted to visit your place :)


Shelley said...

I love the Buddha. My Yoga teacher has the same one in our Yoga Studio. He is beautiful!

Sas said...

Thank you Kanchan, you are more then welcome :))


Sas said...

What a lovely blog you have Shelley :)

And I just love the view from your house into the garden, wonderful :))


vineeta said...

Beautiful Beautiful post! I loved the Yogi man! how unique. And the desert rose. I'd never seen one till now. And what a knack u have for making beautiful picutes :)