Friday, February 15, 2008

Today is; brown

It is probably caused by the delicious handmade bonbons (see below) that I have tasted this morning with my coffee hmmm. But today's colour is brown hihi :) I absolutely adore those warm colours of wood and spices. Cannel and coffee brown combined with dark yellow and orange are absolutely my favourites. I have used this palette for my house and I still enjoy it every day because these colours are always warm and cosy :) I also like to mix different wood colours and to combine old wooden furniture with new. When you want to combine different kinds of wood make sure that their colours will return somehow in the accessories. This way you create balance and unity. In my living room I have combined teak with beech wood and oak. To underline the beautiful deep colours of the wood I used yellow, terra and orange. It is a combination that deepens the colours and adds warmth to the colour palette. It is so easy to spice up your interior by adding some wood and spices hihi. For the warm wood accents think about wooden trays, boxes or woodblocks. For the spices think about colours like the ones showed in the post leafs. With pillows in the colours curry, terra cotta, mustard and ochre you will add some passion :))So far today's entry. If you have a colour suggestion for the item "Today is ..." feel free to let me know. It would be so nice to review different requested colours. Just think about it and I would love to hear from you (anonymous is ok too:))


vk said...

Hello Sas,

Great post again, discussing one of my favourite colours : )Your bonbons looked yummy.

Thanks for the tips on combining different kinds of wood. I have at least three kinds…from pale to dark…(don’t know their names) in one room and worry about all of them not being the same tone.

Could you do a green-blue palette (leaf green and royal to deep blue) for “Today is…”? My summer palette is green–blue and winter is orange–yellow. These days my living room has all colours, green, blue, orange, yellow, red, wood, black, brown, terracotta…: ).

Amazing pics as usual. Thanks for the eyecandy…

Until your next post...


vineeta said...

wow! saw your pics on my flickr contact page & knew you might have posted! Brown- you bring great life to that colour woth your post! WHat i love is the textures in your photographs- if I have never told you what a brilliant photographer you are- let me tell you now :) As for my 'Today is' request- mine would be lets see- red & I'd love to see what you would do if I said pale blue- cause I have never seen it on your blog :) the call ofcourse is yours :)

hildA said...

Hello Sas,

the combination of these colours and textures are so warm and exotic.
The first colour that 'springs' into my mind is lime-green, I think because we all await spring eagerly and it is a colour I associate with summer.

Have a nice weekend.

Sas said...

Thank you Vani, Vineeta and Hilda for the warm comments and your contributions to my blog :)

For me personally it is so wonderful to get feedback and response especially because I just started this blog nearly two months ago.

Your positive and supporting comments really encouraged me and gave me confidence.

A very big hug for the three of you
and it will be my pleasure to review your colours :)))

X! Sas