Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter part 1

What a lovely day it is :) The weather forecast predicted rain and even snow, but the sun is shining hihi. On our breakfast table the sunbeams made my Easter decorations look even more sunny and yellow. In a few hours we will visit my mother together with my sister. I don't have a religious background so I spend Easter together with the ones I love, eating a special meal and enjoying each others company. On days like this I always feel how lucky I am to be surrounded by people who love me for who I am. To live in a peaceful country and to be able to freely express my thoughts and feelings. Easter to me is a time to reflect on those things that seem so naturally but in fact are a true gift. It is wonderful to share this with my loved ones.This morning I looked at Flickr and I saw the lovely Easter greetings from people all over the world. It made me smile to consider that although we all have our different ways to celebrate Easter we feel the need to share it with others. That is also the reason I want to share this picture with you because to me it represents my warm mood on this day.
I wish you all a lovely and peaceful Easter. Big hugs and take care :))))))


Purnima said...

I love your photographs.They have so much life and freshness apart from the great quality of the photos.I would love to know which camera you use.
Happy Easter !

vk said...

Wish you have a lovely easter weekend too with your loved ones. Nice post. We all are indeed lucky to live in these times...when the whole world seems united at some level.... like a big family......sharing and your blog Sas...even if most of us may never meet face to face. :)))) ...

Sas said...

Thank you Purnima for your lovely feedback.

At the moment I am using Toeks camera it is a Lumix, Panasonic DMC-FZ8. (But I must admit that I don't know anything about cameras, I just click and thats it hihi)

Happy Easter to you too :))


Sas said...

Dear Vani,

Thank you for your beautiful warm and open comment, it moved me :)

Lovely weekend to you too my friend :))

hug Sas

rkramadh said...

Sas, I got busy and missed some posts but catching up now :) I love the warm yellow in your pics. It definitely brings Spring to mind and cheers me up! I laughed when I saw your comment that you don't much about cameras! You take such AMAZING pics and if you don't know much about camera, what of people like me?! You sure are talented!

Sas said...

Nice to have you back dear Rupa :)

And thank you for the nice compliment :))