Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter part 2

Yesterday was a lovely day at my mother's home. We ate asparagus and talked for hours with a glass of wine and laughed a lot. I love it to spend time with my family and we are never out of topics to talk about.We were late out of bed this morning and started the day at the yellow decorated breakfast table with ginger tea and an egg. Pork got one too and loved it so much that he still is searching for more eggs across the room.
As I write this post I am nibbling from a chocolate Easter bunny. The sight of those colourful bunnies reminds me of Easter at my parent's house. My mother used to hide Easter eggs that my sister and I would search for. She always forgot some and in April we still could find some forgotten eggs hihiThis morning I got a beautiful surprise as I read the lovely blog by Peggy from Creative Influences. She mentioned me in her blog in such a lovely way that it really moved me. As I wrote yesterday how much I love it to share my thoughts and work with others today I got a great reward from her.
And how beautiful to receive such lovely positive feedback on a day like this. It makes me feel very happy and connected. Connected because I can share my thoughts and creativity on a daily base with people who are going through the same process in life. We are all learning and sometimes struggling. By sharing this process and sharing beauty we can inspire each other. It surely inspires me :)))
So I wish you a wonderful day. And a big hug to those who encourage and inspire me with their beautiful blogs and lovely comments. There is an invisible line that connects all of our souls :) Take care..... X!


vk said...

Lovely post and photos, Sas. Thanks for sharing simple moments with your family. This is what life is all about. I visited Peggy's blog..she has described you so beautifully. We are all so lucky to be inspired by you. Thanks for your amazing photos and writings.

shelley said...

What beautiful Easter posts… and I loved the Violets post as well. I always plant Violets/Pansies in my garden just before winter and its amazing how they look so delicate but survive the frost!

hildA said...

a nice warm lovely post today (as it is every day)

hug for you and Pork

Sas said...

Dear Vani,

Thank you so much for all your lovely feedback and comments. You have been a great support since I have started my blog :)

Hope you have had a lovely weekend,

Take care :))


Sas said...

I agree with you dear Shelley!
Violets look so fragile but seem to survive even this cold weather well.

Thank you for your lovely comment and I hope you had a warm and nice Easter :))


Sas said...

A big hug to you dear hildA and as always one from Pork too :)))

rkramadh said...

Dear Sas, your post is really touching. You have such an open heart to share and to receive, that's a gift that not every one has! Your blog is absolutely inspiring and yes, we are so lucky to be sharing thoughts/pics around the's truly a small world isn't it? It's great to be connected with kindered spirits like you!

Sas said...

What a lovely thing to say Rupa, thank you so much for sharing :)))