Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life's little presents

Do you also have moments when you look at something ordinary and suddenly see its extra ordinary beauty? I have had that experience this morning with my old garden bench.
Summer and winter have left their marks on the wood, but in the watery morning sun they almost looked like rolled gold lines on a beautiful abstract painting :) Encouraged by this discovery I went inside my living room. And there I saw the lovely colours on the backside of my woodblocks. Never noticed them before! And it was beautiful, that smudged paint where once craftsmen's hands touched the wood. And here my favourite discoveries for today; cinnamon in a basket and (below) a plate in my kitchen sink! I don't know what caused this (I guess an upcoming flue hihi), but somehow it makes me very happy! Sometimes life gives us little presents and all we have to do is to open our eyes for them. Hope you have a lovely 'open eyed' weekend :))


vk said...

Hello Sas,
I enjoyed reading this. I love old wood and am always amazed at the natural patterns and many untold and unseen stories in those marks :) ...
Great shots and lovely hues.

Have a nice relaxed Sunday :))

vineeta said...

Just LOVE your photographic eye and unerring sense of composition! Throw in your super colours and each pic is a piece of art. Love what u do Sas!

Sas said...

What a beautiful way to describe your affection for old wood dear Vani; I totally agree with you :)

I wish you a relaxed and lovely Sunday too :))


Sas said...

Dear Vineeta, it is so nice and stimulating to share my work with you :)

I wish you an inspiring day and thanks for the lovely feedback :))


rkramadh said...

Beautiful pics with thoughtful words. You certainly know how to capture beauty in ordinary things, thanks for opening my eyes too. It pays to stop and smell roses as they say...thanks for sharing.

Sas said...

Thank you dear Rupa for the lovely and open comment.

So nice to hear it has inspired you, thanks for sharing :))