Thursday, March 27, 2008

Matryoshka dolls

I was cleaning the attic today as I stumbled upon a Matryoshka doll from St. Petersburg. I got it for present from a friend years ago. What a lovely surprise to meet again on the attic :)

I decided to take her downstairs and to examine her while drinking a cup of tea. She has a lovely painted face and is made out of wood. When I saw her in the sunlight I could not remember why I had put her on the attic.I was forgotten that it is a doll with 10 pieces! How lovely to see all these Matryoshka dolls standing around in the room. All with diffrent lovely faces and beautiful details.

The smallest one is as big as a bean and looks so cute. It seems like she frowns a bit hihi And even this little one has beautiful gold details. I remember now why I tucked away the Matryoshka dolls on the attic at the time. They are addictive!! I have just spent my complete free afternoon playing with these dolls. Stacking them, displaying them and moving them around. It felt lovely though :)))Well I didn't clean the attic today but I ended up cleaning my head by playing as a young girl again. To just play from time to time, works like a fresh shower. I and the Matryoshka dolls wish you a lovely playful day :))


zenya said...

looks like these dolls represent churches and places of interest of St.Petersburg -

the biggest one has Salvation-on-Blood church painted on it, the lesser are fish-eye versions of St.Isaac's, Kazan and Peter-and-Paul cathedrals, Admiralty and the Alexander Column

rkramadh said...

Sas, I enjoyed this playful post! You are so right that playing like a child or even with a child and being silly does wonders to our brain (and our souls too!). I enjoyed playing with your dolls virtualy :) Hugs, Rupa

Sas said...

Thank you Zenya for the nice explanation I didn't know this :)

They are even more beautiful to me now, thanks for sharing.


Sas said...

Dear Rupa,

Hihi so nice to hear you liked it too :)

I haven't played like this for too long, it felt good. And even better to share it :))

Big hug, Sas

vk said...

Your Matryoshka dolls are lovely, Sas. I had something similar as a child and this post brought back beautiful memories. Hmm! I should try and play some time to clear my head :). Perhaps, I do that unconsciously, when I play with my nephews' lego blocks.
Pics are fav is the fourth one where you have stacked up all the lower portions with the smallest in the middle...very creative shot. It would be great to see the fourth one and the collage on Flickr.
You seem to be in an interesting phase :)) -- the flowers post and this one. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful moments in your life.

shelley said...

They have beautiful little faces. Thank you for the post! Have a great weekend.

Sas said...

Dear Vani,

Thank your for your warm feedback. I guess you are right about me being in a certain phase. I have noticed it myself too.

Interesting to see how we keep learning and changing throughout our life's, to finally reach our true self. Guess that journey never ends :)

Thanks for pointing it out and sharing.

Take care and I wish you a lovely weekend :))


Sas said...

I love their faces too Shelley :)

Thanks for the nice comment and I wish you a great and lovely weekend :))


vineeta said...

Beautiful post- and fun too :) Its great to see your pretty dolls. And they go perfectly with your homes colour scheme :)