Friday, March 28, 2008


Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every morning when I look through my kitchen window I see leafs from the Ivy (Hedera) that grows around my window. It is such a lovely sight and I wanted to share their beauty with you :)When the sun shines the leafs become even more beautiful. The green is brighter and you can see the network of leaf veins. To me it always represents life.... pure fresh life :) Since years my Ivy has a colony of plant louse that life on the leafs. In the spring I hope the lady bugs will return as they are fond of louse. It is such a beautiful sight to see the shiny red lady bugs sunbathing on the green leafs:))From my window I can see all kinds of insects using the leafs as a shelter from rain and sunlight. Spiders being busy making their web and in a few weeks the soft and powdery caterpillars will show up again :)) Sometimes when I have watched all the life between the leafs for a while, I almost feel like a part of it too..... my secret leaf life hihi

Have a nice weekend and take care :))


vk said...

Lovely "leafy" post Sas. :)). How wonderful to see these beautiful leaves every morning. You describe nature's events so warmly here...everything is so alive and busy..makes me feel energized. I too love to gaze at my plants for long. Waiting for those lady bug shots :)
Thanks for sharing your "secret life" ;-) with this energizing post. Have a happy weekend.

Sas said...

Good morning dear Vani,
(it is 8.25 in the morning here:)

So lovely to hear you too can enjoy nature and it's beautiful creatures :))

As soon as a spot a lady bug I will try to make a picture, but their has been snow and rain for the past days overhere brrr.

Guess it will take a while to see them sunbathing again :)

Happy weekend to you too,

Take care,


Vinita said...

Hi Sas,

As always very inspiring posts and photographs. You have always managed to capture the whole essence of the word :INSPIRATION: through your blog.

The next step for you should be to publish a book which records all your lovely photos and posts and make it available to the entire world. I am serious. Look for a publisher.
Here is something to inspire you and put the whole plan into action.


Sas said...

Dear Vinita,

What a lovely and encouraging compliment, thank you so much :))

I looked at the link and it is very inspiring indeed thanks :)

There is also a way a to create a book without a publisher with Blurb. But it will take some time to collect enough good material.

We'll see ;) In the meantime a big hug to you for the inspiring feedback and take care :))


vk said...

Sas, I second Vinita's wonderful idea. I will be the first to buy the book. :))
Big hug to you and Pork.

Sas said...

Thank you dear Vani for this warm and lovely gesture :))))

Big Sunday hug from me and Pork :)

Your new flower pictures on Flickr are wonderful!!

rkramadh said...

Sas, I really enjoyed having an insight in to your secret little world! You make the most mundane things sound so romantic and beautiful!

Sas said...

Thank you for your lovely comment Rupa, nice to hear you like the romanticist in me :))