Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sources of inspiration 1

For today's post I wanted to share a great personal source of inspiration: ...... art.

I often get ideas for my colour combinations and still life arrangements (like the one above) by looking at the colour scenes in paintings. Like the beautiful painting below from Jos van Riswick

When I create still lifes, sometimes I see flashes of paintings by Dutch painters. They use colour and light so delicately and always have a certain mood. I love the still life paintings by Jan Mankes as they always move me with their fragile colours and moods.This picture is inspired by the lovely still life painting "Jasmine in a vase" by Jan Mankes. I absolutely love the intriguing moods of his paintings. The one above is from Floris Verster who's work I love dearly. His work always has something pure and dramatic in the colour palette. And above my humble version of his sublime light and colour scene :)) You can express so much just by arranging some objects, which is what I admire about making a still life.
So far today's post; less colourful as usual but I hope it could inspire you anyway. Take care and have a nice inspiring day :)))) If you have suggestions for an art still life you want to see from your inspiration source, just let me know :)


Chandan said...

Inspiring post Sas,
Would love to see how you have translated a particular painting/ piece of art into an arrangement for a space or still life...

Arch at Rang said...

Yes, I am very impressed with how you find still life paintings for inspiration!!!

There is so much to learn from lovely people like you!

Lovely post!


vk said...

Wow! wonderful post Sas. I think you have taken art to another level and created magic with still life. Truly impressive ....
...waiting eagerly for part 2.
Have a nice evening.

rkramadh said...

Dear Sas, I love paintings and still life art from any artist.
Thank you for introducing us to some great Dutch artists. I can see now how you create beautiful still life inspired by such great art. You are so full of new ideas and so inspiring for us!

Sas said...

Dear Chandan,

I will show some examples to you soon and thanks for the inspiring feedback :))


Sas said...

Thank you Arch at rang for the lovely and encouraging comment :)

Take care :))


Sas said...

Dear Rupa,

How lovely to hear you like the post and to share my personal sources of inspiration with you. As to me they are very dear and of great value :))


Sas said...

A lovely evening to you too Vani :)

And thank you for the beautiful compliment :))

Take care,