Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thoughts over tea..

Drink your tea slowly and reverently,
as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves -
slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.

~Thich Nat Hahn

Today I was playing around with a lovely new vase I bought with my mother for only 1.99 Euro at Ikea. I love to make new arrangements which cost almost nothing hihi. Somehow they are so much more rewarding to me :)

When I finished my decorating I sat down with a cup of tea to look at my new corner. I was in the mood for peppermint tea and while preparing the tea I could see a wonderful reflection in the cup. As I looked longer I started to see a whole dream landscape.....

O' peppermint tea -
two delights per sip
as steamy hot as passion
cool as a wintry lake dip

~Astrid Alauda

Hihi this is such a lovely poem while drinking mint tea (I know I am a hopeless dreamer and romanticist). But on a cold a rainy day like this one nothing beats a good cup of peppermint tea.

It is almost half past eleven in the evening now and it is still raining. I guess I will go to bed early to read and take some camomile tea with me.

For those of you who read this post in the morning; take a good look in your tea cup and who knows what you will see.
Take care and have a lovely dreamy day :)


debby said...

so nice to read your post & even better to read a wonderful quote from thich nat hahn- i have several of his books & love his outlook/beliefs on life.

Chandan said...

love the post... makes my morning cuppa little special... have great day Sas..

vk said...

Good morning, Sas ...very delightful post. Enjoyed it with my morning cuppa...of coffee though. Beautiful poems...Your new vase is lovely and your expert decoration enhances its beauty. That tea looks yum...described so well by Astrid Alauda. Must try it someday. I generally love plain tea...or herb tea (cardamom, ginger, liquorice, Indian basil and a medicinal herb "ashwagandha").
Your shots are so've captured that reflection so well. Love the dreamer and romanticist in you.
Until next time....Have a nice day

Bhavna said...

That's a lovely vase!

and, the cup of tea is so inviting :)

vineeta said...

Beautiful as usual :) I'm beginning to take life a lot slower than I did & am savouring all that I have and all thats around me.

Sas said...

Thank you Debby and Chandan for the lovely feedback :)

It feels like sharing a cup of with you :))

Take care and have a lovely day,


Sas said...

Dear Vani and Bhavna,

Like I said before it feels this morning like we are all having tea together, it gives me such a warm feeling hihi

Small world isn't it when we all sit at our kitchen table looking down in our tea and reflect on life for just a brief moment :))

Take care and thanks for sharing,


Sas said...

Dear Vineeta,

Nice to hear you are taking time for yourself. I had just left a message on your blog when I saw you wrote one on mine at the same time :)

I had to slow down a bit too because it is just impossible to create a blog every day when you make your own pictures. By changing the name and sometimes just let a day pass without a post I am feeling much more relaxed :))

Now I am enjoying it so much again because the pressure is gone.
Nice to hear you have found your balance too.

Take care my friend and a big hug,


rkramadh said...

Dear Sas, I absolutely love the colors and mood of this post. I was at IKEA just 2 days ago and saw some spring stuff but didn't get time to browse leisurely. Well, now I will do so soon:) You have done an amazing job of arranging holly and green stems in it, the poetry does justice to those pics! Hugs, Rupa

Sas said...

Dear Rupa,

They were in soft pink too!
(Would make a lovely composition for your still life painting :)

Big hug to you and thank you for the warm and positive feedfack !

Take care,