Saturday, June 7, 2008

Food for thought

The butterfly counts not months
but moments,
and has time enough.

Rabindranath Tagore

A sunny day in my garden,
surrounded by it's beautiful inhabitants,
always makes me feel quiet and peaceful.

Have a wonderful weekend :)


vk said...

Wonderful Sunday to you Sas. That quote is so amazing...just what I needed today, when my mind was again wandering into a "negative world" :)..Thanks for these gorgeous pics....and for being my "daily inspiration" :))

rkramadh said...

Sas, that's definitely something to think about and appreciate! Thanks for the reminder to appreciate what we have :)

Sas said...

Thank you dear Vani and Rupa for sharing your lovely comments.

And so nice to hear it supported your positive thoughts a bit Vani :))

Big hugs to you my friends and take care,

with love, Sas

Cassandra said...

Lovely thought! Slowing down and enjoying each thing in its own moment is a divine practice. Butterflies make wonderful teachers :)