Sunday, June 8, 2008

Moments of silence

Looking at my life
I see that only
Has been my soul’s companionFrom deep inside
My soul cries out:
Do not wait, surrender
For the sake of

By Rumi


vk said...

Good one Sas :)) ...a nice reminder.

Sas said...

For me too :))

Have a lovely day dear Vani and take care,

with love, Sas

rkramadh said...

I love the first pic, I don't know how you did that. The reminder is timely too :)

Sas said...

Dear Rupa,

It is a flower that is almost gone in a bowl with old water :)

The water gets a bit oily after a week or so ;))

Nice to hear you like it and take care,

with love, Sas

rkramadh said...

Dear Sas, even your spent flower pics are so awesome! I floated orchids in a decorative concrete bowl and saw something similar. Wow, I have to pay more attention to the oily water because I sure recognized it in your pics but haven't noticed it in my home :) Thanks for sharing your secrets :) :)