Thursday, January 24, 2008

Faces of Buddha part 2

My Buddhas keep on travelling trough my house. They are in my study, bedroom, spare-bedroom and near by in the kitchen or living room. They always bring certain serenity to a room or space and I love them for it :)
In this post I will share some of my Buddha corners with you. The Buddha above is a rather large one of almost 160 cm and made in Indonesia. It is a very powerful woodcut, but through his calm radiation he is never prevailing. He has beautiful gold leaf details.The dried bonsai branch matches beautifully with the gold trifles of this Buddha. The gold colour is also reflected in the colour of the wall behind the scene. I like harmony in a still life, of most accessories I always have a pair of two. It helps me to create balance; there is always a reprise in my decorating. In colour, texture or number of pieces....always reprise :) Here is a good example of my love for balance. If I look at this arrangement I feel harmony inside. I guess I am creating these scenes intuitive because they spring from my hands before I have the time to think about the arrangement. If you want to make a still life don't use your head but use your heart. Just sit down with some materials and start to arrange them. Enjoy the process of playing around with them, to me it is a very relaxing occupation. It is absolutely not necessary that a still life is perfect right away. Some I change after a while or I completely remove them. This way the energy in my house is keeps fresh. Recently I haven't changed my arrangements because I was busy with other things (I'm in love hihi ;) But I can really sense it in my house. As soon as I clean some corners and re-arrange things a bit it will feel completely refreshed! Just try it sometime, you won't be disappointed. This beautiful one I got for present from my father last Christmas. His height is approximately 30 cm. It already is one of my favourites (I have noticed that I am saying that about all of my Buddhas hihi) Because of his size it is very easy to create a still life with this sculpture. Just add some flowers or candles and you have a serene still life. Small tables like this one above are ideal to create little corners. They are easy to move around the house or to storage. As I look at the picture now I see that mine is in desperate need of a lick of wax. The orchids were a good investment as they have a beautiful colour that enlightens every arrangement. This Buddha is standing on a lotus and holds a stave with gold rings at the top (sistrum) His height is approximately 20 cm and he is made of brass. This statue really shows the eye for detail of the craftsman who made it. I look at this small Buddha for several years now but he still enchants me :) What I really like about brass is its ability to change with the light. The statue looks completely different in the morning sun then in the evening with candles burning near by. I also like the combination of colours. Brass makes my terra and deep yellow walls look even warmer :) So far my entry on Faces of Buddha in which I showed you my beloved Buddha statues and sculptures. I hope it was an inspiring one and that it gave you some ideas for a still life in a corner of your home.

I have made a collage in which you can see the different Buddha faces I have shown you in this entry. Enjoy :)


Pacchai Milagai said...

Hi Sas,
Your descriptions are so beautiful. Like the way you describe things so vividly.

Sas said...

I am so glad to hear that! I was a bit insecure about my writings because English is not my mother language and I wanted to make the descriptions right from my heart.

Ha, this comment has given me a lot of positive energy.

Thank you :))

Vinita said...

Hi sas,
Looks like I missed this post of yours. Wonderful post. Never would have guessed that English is not your first language as the words flow beautifully. I loved the brass buddha too. The expressions on his face are so serene and with the staff in his hand it looks as though he is set on a journey.. the path of enlightenment.

YOU ARE IN LOVE..yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy.


Sas said...

Hello Vinita :) So nice you liked the Buddha post. I had saved it as a draft and when I published it a day later it kept the draft date. I still have to learn how those things work on the blog hihi.

My sister is coming over this afternoon to drink sonti tea with me :)) We will drink the first glass to you and your great advice!

Thank you again for your warm comments; they are a great support :)

Sas (still in love hihi)

KNQ Associates said...

Nice post, Sas!

Sas said...

I am glad you like it and thanks for mentioning me on your blog :))