Friday, January 25, 2008

Vitamin attack

Today I am going to fight this flu that lies in wait for me. I have extra vitamin weapons like vitamin C pills and some tablets to rebuild my resistance. Sun will be best the cure for me I now, but I am afraid I have to wait for her till spring.It looks like the sun is already shining in this bottle with vitamin C tablets :) Even as a child I loved the sun, it made me feel warm inside. And to walk outside with my bare feet on hot street tiles is still a very appealing thing to do for me hmmm...Some of you will read this post while the sun is warming up your house instead of the central heating. Perhaps you can send some sun beams to the Netherlands as I am in great need for them. I hope everybody will have a warm and flu less day today :)


Anonymous said...

hello sas,
nice post on buddha and Vitamin attack.Sure you will recover from flu with all those tablets.Try out some ginger and pepper home remedy also.Just boil crushed fresh ginger and crushed pepper seeds in half cup of water.Add sugar or jaggery in it as per your taste.Add quarter cup milk in it while boiling.It takes just 5 to 7 min to complete this process.Filter and drink it hot.Your flu will surely go.I follow this method only.
arty zen

Sas said...

Wow arty zen, this sounds much better than those colourful tablets. Tomorrow I will go to the market for fresh ginger.

Nice to hear that you liked my posts and thank you so much for your recipe!
I will let you know if the method worked (I have a good feeling about it;)


Vinita said...

My daily dose of vitamin... reading your blog:))

Actually I was going to suggest the same thing arty zen had suggested. Its an old indian remedy. People drink it before going to bed and the heat from the ginger and peppercorn does the work.

You can read more about it here. (sonti/soonth means dried ginger or ginger powder which you may get in an indian food store)

Hope you feel better soon. Its no fun being sick.


Sas said...

:)) Big kiss for your recipe, I am going to try the sonti tea. But I must say that the warm comments made me feel a lot better already :))

Thanks for the interesting link

Hope you are feeling better too :)