Friday, April 4, 2008

Flowers; Tulips

I love tulips with their bright colours and fleshy petals. The loveliest about tulips is that they keep on growing in the vase. To me it is such an expression of life and it always moves me.The only thing I don't like when I see a flower in a vase is the feeling that it would have lasted much longer in the field. For that reason I decided not to pick flowers from my garden. Sometimes I just can't resist but there is always a bit of guild when I put them in a vase :)These beautiful tulips lasted more then a week before they began to wither. Their petals began to curl and their colour became even more intense. In their swansong they seemed even more beautiful then before.Each day I collected the petals laying beneath the vase and wished I could paint them like the old masters did. Somehow I wanted to capture this moment of beauty and decline. For that reason I love it to take photos. This way I can preserve what I see and share it with others :))The tulips are all withered now and tomorrow I will search for new flowers on the market. But today I wanted to share them with you because they have brought me so much pleasure :)
I hope you will have a fine and lovely weekend my friends, take care :))


vk said...

Lovely bright post Sas. Your tulips are so beautiful. Thanks for a bright end to the week. Awesome shots as usual....Have a lovely evening and weekend.

Shireena said...

lovely blog you have! Your photography is inspirational.

Vinita said...

Where do you buy your flowers? At a florist shop or in an open market where they sell all kinds of produce as well as flowers?
I would love to see the pictures of your market too where you buy these flowers. That will be our mini trip to your town where you live.


Sas said...

Dear Vani, Shireena and Vinita,

Thank you for your warm and lovely comments :))

Big hugs to you and take care,


I wrote about your question Vinita
in a post